A Message from the Future II: The Years of Repair – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision –~ Guyana – Brazil – USA – By Rosaliene Bacchus

If you have ever achieved a goal or a dream, you know that the first step to success was in visualizing or verbalizing what you had hoped to achieve. To imagine a desirable future outcome is key to its realization. The animated short film A Message from the Future II: The Years of Repair dares to imagine a better world in which no one is sacrificed; a world in which everyone is essential.

About a month into the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Naomi Klein and her husband Avi Lewis, co-founders of The Leap, together with award-winning artist Molly Crabapple and Opal Tometi, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, started a conversation about the role of futurism when so much is at stake.   

They concurred that to defeat Trump was not enough to fend off naked authoritarianism in the White House. Many other intersecting crises, they noted, are bearing down on America and the world: climate collapse, surging white supremacy, or widespread famine.

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  • kamtanblog  On 10/31/2020 at 2:40 am

    Interesting take on the power of dreams.
    Carnival song had the lyrics !
    Dream on it’s free and freedom !
    Google freedom

    Some dream the impossible
    Others dream the possible …the realistic dream.

    Beautiful Beatles song ….”imagine” comes to

    Love the provocative idea in article

    Write on …pen mightier than sword.
    Kamtan uk-ex-EU

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