Commentary: Aggravation from the Congregation – By Yvonne Sam

 People cannot change the truth but the truth can change people

 By Yvonne  Sam

Now that Covid 19 has forced us all to worship in a different style and aisle, it is time to

take a careful look at behaviours that run contrary to the Good Book, and leave  the church in a lurch. No need to shoot the messenger, except to remember that it is clearly stated “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32, and it shall always remain the truth regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.           


There are some folks who cannot control their kids. This may be a tough one. If you know that lilLatrelle is about to tear up children’s church, do not subject the poor innocent Sunday school teacher to his rampage. Let him sit beside you, and softly whisper in his ear, what would be his fate if he does not start acting straight. Then pray and ask God’s forgiveness if necessary.  How in the world can others concentrate on hearing the Word, when your child is running up and HANDLE UP!!

Garment – No harm meant

Render your heart not your garment.  People who take come as you are to a whole new level. I can understand if you are facing crisis. But if you have a fresh pair of Nike’son  and a T-shirt, then you can invest in some better dress clothes, and take your nose rings and earrings out. Since when did it become acceptable for men to wear hats in church and wear pants that display their “mankle”( sockless ankle)   GET IT TOGETHER..

Seating and Eating

People who bring food to church. If you brought your little one a snack, but you are also going in the pack, eating some of his cookies and crackers…. dropping crumbs everywhere. That is a problem. Take those Cheezits, Oreo, and little Raekwon outside to complete the deal and finish his meal. Remember it is God’s House, not Yours.

Empathize not Criticize

People who come to special church functions and criticize. If you stand in a corner
gossiping with those of similar ilk about how you could have done a better job
at something, and you have not volunteered to assist with anything neither have you showed up to any invitations to join a ministry. I am forced to ask you to

HOLD YOUR PIECE! in other words SHUT UP.

Fashion vs Action

Parents who dress better than their kids. Mom if you come in looking like an Ebony fashion model and little Shanaynay is alongside you looking like a poster child for ‘Feed the Children,’ you are DEAD WRONG!
Give your child a “Just For Me”, and dress her to look as good or better than you. Please do not come out looking like a million dollars, while your child looks homeless.  YOU KNOW YOU’RE WRONG!

Shouting and Mouthing

People who constantly shout something to the pastor all during the message. No need for a commentator after every sentence. Everyone knows you know the Bible. Remember the pastor is speaking to everyone, not you in particular, or is he?

BE SILENT so everyone else can hear the Scripture and get the picture.

Showing how often you’re going

People who constantly go to the bathroom.  Nobody uses the bathroomfour times during service and if there is an actual, I suggest sitting at the end of the aisle.  People are tiredof you knocking off their hats and wigs as you go by.

Straight Hate

People who obviously show they do not like you. If you do not care for a person for whatever reason, at least put up a decent front and ACT like you have some Christian love!  When you come to church, you should look past people’s shortcomings. Do not cut somebody up with your evil faces and smart remarks.   Those same faults you see in others may be found
in you!  CUT IT OUT!

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it. Ignorance may deride it. But in the end there it is.       Sir Winston Churchill.

Now may the church say “AMEN”

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  • the only  On 10/21/2020 at 10:28 pm

    Love everything you wrote but the quote of Sir Winston Churchill., the man who is responsible for the deaths of over 56 MILLION INDIANS .

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