GUYANA: SECURITY: Joint Security Services Chiefs wary of a plan to create countrywide chaos

 Demerara Waves in CrimeNewsPolitics October 4, 2020

The Heads of the Police, defence force, prisons  and fire service on Sunday say they are wary of an apparent plan to break down law and order.

Guyana Police Force

The Joint Services Chiefs referred to the  attacks on Police Commissioner Nigel Hoppie on Social Media intending to tarnish his character ad those of several of its members, saying they had expected  them to be short-lived but instead those commentators are seemingly and uncontrollably descending into the depths of lewdness.

“Though the true intention is not known at this time, one can certainly infer an intent of countrywide breakdown in law and order, since by personally bringing into question the professionalism and integrity of the officers, this is inevitable.,” they said in a joint statement.      

The Joint Services Chiefs concern about plan to cause a nationwide breakdown in law and order comes as plans are underway to remove thousands of people who are squatting on government’s sugarcane fields aback Chateau Margot and Success villages, East Coast Demerara, and the planned strike by nurses and other healthcare workers. On Sunday, residents of Number 5 Village, West Coast Berbice again blocked the West Berbice Public Road to demand justice for the brutal slaying of Isaiah and Joel Henry almost one month ago.

The people squatting on the abandoned sugar lands say they are very destitute and that they have nowhere else to go. Confrontations with police last week became violent with the police having to use teargas and rubber bullets on squatters.

Chairman of the Joint Services Coordinating Council, Chief of Staff, Brigadier Godfrey Bess says he is in full support of the targeted officers as they confront the daily threats to law and order in Guyana.

The Heads of the Joint Services sought to assure Guyanese that they would enforce the law and operate within Guyana’s constitution. “The Heads of the Joint Services wish to go on record to state that they are certainly not intrigued by the releases referred to and thus assure all Guyanese that they will always stand firm in the protection of the law and in the execution of their duties in keeping with their constitutional responsibilities,” the Joint Service said.

Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo said government decided to reduce the curfew hours to reopen business and insufficient police to rigidly enforce the COVID-19 measures. “How many policing capability will we have for the country ?And that is why we are saying we want to do soft enforcement, talking to people, urging them, more advocacy; saying it’s your responsibility too. It’s not just the government responsibility. It’s your life is at stake, it’s your family’s life,” he said.


Police working to clear blockage at No. 3 Village road

Blocked road – Number 5 Village. Berbice

Residents of Number 5 Village, West Coast Berbice this morning blocked the public road with burning tyres. The police have since cleared the area. No. 5 Village is the area where protests had begun last month over the killing of the Henry cousins, Joel and Isaiah.

The Number 3 Village road was this afternoon also blocked. This village is where the two Henry cousins lived.

Chairman of Region Five, Vickchand Ramphal told Stabroek News today that he believes the protest was in connection with the killing of the Henry cousins.

The police this afternoon issued the following statement:           

At about 10:30hrs on 2020-10-04 persons claiming to be the relatives of the late Isaiah and Joel Henry and some residents of # 5 Village, West Coast Berbice began to block the # 5 Village bridge with old tires and debris and lit same.

A Police patrol vehicle arrived shortly thereafter but had to request assistance. Subsequently, additional ranks were deployed to the scene at # 5 Village and commenced clearing the bridge.

About 13:15hrs hours they were successful in clearing the #5 bridge but had to immediately respond to reports of #3 Village Public Road Being blocked.

The ranks as at 16:15hrs were still working to completely clear the roadway in #3 Village.

Protesters voiced concerns over the seeming delay in ongoing investigations but were repeatedly told that their protest was illegal and unlawful and that arrests will be made.

The relatives were reminded that ranks from the Major Crimes Unit are  continuing the investigation with the assistance of a Regional investigative team drawn from RSS and Caricom IMPACS.

Ranks will remain on the ground until all the roads are clear.

Protests originating at No. 5 Village had convulsed the West Coast Berbice for days last month and led to attacks on commuters and the murder of Haresh Singh in what was seen as reprisal for the killing of the Henry cousins.

The police have been investigating the murders and a team from the CARICOM Regional Security System was recently here to assist with the investigation. DNA samples from the crime scene have also been sent to St Lucia for testing.

A team from an Argentinean forensic institute may also soon arrive to assist in the investigation.

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  • kamtanblog  On 10/05/2020 at 3:01 am

    Political tsunami on way ?
    Not looking good !

    Hope it’s just “high tide”
    and common sense prevail.

    Not holding my breadth !

    Que sera sera

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