Analysis | In a Just World; Trump Beats COVID-19 And Sees It Crush His Presidency and Party 

 The collapse of his delusional denial of coronavirus could lead to a Republican rout on November 3, delighting most Western democracies except Israel

  Chemi Shalev | Haaretz        

Given the extreme emotions that Donald Trump inspires and judging by some of the harsher reactions on social media to his hospitalization on Friday, it seems safe to assume that inordinate numbers of Americans and others around the world are NOT necessarily praying for the U.S. President to get well.          

The overwhelming majority, one wants to believe, would like nothing better than for Trump to quickly get back on his feet, return to the campaign trail and in exactly 30 days suffer the crushing defeat that he, his administration underlings and his Republican Party so richly deserve.       

ISRAELIS, HOWEVER, ARE PROBABLY AN EXCEPTION TO THE GLOBAL RULE: In the eyes of most Israelis, the perceived benefits of Trump’s pro-Israel record will always outweigh whatever havoc he wreaks on his own country and elsewhere.

The news of Trump’s illness garnered a rare outpouring of sympathy for his personal battle against coronavirus coupled with growing outrage at his reckless failure in waging America’s war against the disease.

POETIC JUSTICE HAS HOISTED TRUMP ON HIS OWN PETARD: The disease he so studiously disdained has infected him personally and, as things stand now, seems poised to devastate him politically as well. As the Book of Proverbs foretells, “Who so diggeth a pit shall fall therein; And he that rolleth a stone, it shall return upon him.”

For the past nine months, Donald Trump has personally and systematically sabotaged America’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. His conduct and policies share much of the blame for the appalling performance of the United States in containing the disease and for the potentially preventable deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. Trump is also responsible, solely and directly, for the alarming contagion inside the White House and for the infection of the President and First Lady of the United States, which is stoking global concerns.

With his unique and lethal blend of total ignorance and supreme arrogance, Trump waged an irrational assault on science, experience and expertise. By personal example and direct order, he defied and denigrated universally accepted safety precautions. He exhorted loyal – or fearful – Republican governors to follow in his foolhardy footsteps, mocked their Democratic counterparts for mandating masks and social distancing and wielded his executive powers to deride and dilute his own administration’s campaign against the spreading disease.

The President inspired millions of his devoted fans to expose themselves to danger, turning their refusal to abide by empirically proven restrictions and precautions into a cultish expression of personal loyalty and ideological purity. Trump turned a blind eye to clear-cut scientific evidence and a deaf ear to his own experts’ warnings, convening mass rallies that doubled as incubators for the lethal virus, with nary a thought for the health and safety of his most devoted adherents.

TO TRUMP’S CREDIT, OR RATHER DISCREDIT, HE PRACTICED WHAT HE PREACHED. He exposed himself, his family, his White House staff, administration officials and leading Republican figures to the virus he scorned, which, after a deceptive hiatus, has now struck back with a vengeance. Trump not only jeopardized the personal wellbeing of his closest relatives and supporters, he spread panic and mayhem in the top echelons of his administration, thus destabilizing the U.S. government and humiliating it on the world stage, to the delight of America’s worst enemies. 

Trump, however, may be eligible for Christian clemency under the exemption clause cited by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke in begging divine mercy for his crucifiers:

“Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” 

Trump’s infinite arrogance, boorish vanity and unbounded ignorance drove him to self-destructive lunacy while his narcissistic pride prevented him from changing course or acknowledging mistake. 

The same cannot be said for many of his opportunistic advisers, self-serving cabinet officers and the cynical and spineless representatives of the GOP. Some of them are true believers in Trump’s malarkey and a woeful few bravely objected to his blatant inanity, but the vast majority were fully aware of his self-destructive direction of America’s war against COVID-19.  At best, they kept silent but at worst they aided, abetted, emulated and promoted Trump’s dangerously delusional directives. Facing a conflict between expediency and duty, most GOP lawmakers opted to protect themselves at the expense of their country’s safety and their voters’ wellbeing.

The infection of the President and the rampant contagion that has already claimed top advisers and at least three GOP Senators has effectively demolished Trump’s delinquent policies and exposed their irrational underpinnings for all to see. And while political pundits and prognosticators are understandably hesitant to predict the extent of the fallout from the collapse, logic as well as justice would dictate that Biden’s probable victory on November 3 will now evolve into an inevitable rout that will eject Trump from the White House and hand the GOP a stinging defeat of historic proportions.


For Israel, in general, and Benjamin Netanyahu, in particular, a Biden blowout is a nightmare in the making. Not only does Israel dread the loss of a President widely seen as the most supportive in history, it fears the vindictiveness of a Democratic regime doubly emboldened by its decisive triumph.

The unequivocal collapse and undeniable cost of Trump’s wanton denial of the coronavirus pandemic seems to have penetrated through the wilful blindness hitherto shown by most Israelis to his destructive domestic and disruptive foreign policies.  The belated recognition of Trump’s folly could chip away at the President’s hitherto solid support in Israel, especially as public opinion is turning against Netanyahu for his similar failures in the war against COVID-19.

Nonetheless, while most Israelis are rooting along with most of the world for Trump to recover, unlike others, they are likely praying for his dramatic comeback and for a sensational reprise of his dramatic come-from-behind victory in 2016. Like most other countries, Israeli policies are driven almost exclusively by a self-interest that overshadows concern for the internal well-being of its great ally or the future stability of the world.

At the very least, their embrace of Trump should humble Israelis, who once presumed their country to be a “light unto the nations”. It should lay to rest historic umbrage at other countries who sacrificed morality for expediency in the past by appeasing or aligning with demonic and often antisemitic despots. And on the assumption that Trump recovers in time to witness his just punishment by American voters, Israel would do well to join the GOP in searching its soul and promising, at least, to improve its ways. 

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  • kamtanblog  On 10/05/2020 at 3:49 am

    Interesting article !
    Well researched ‘poignant” reminder of Hitler
    and his Nazis move to power leading to WW2.
    Eventually to Hitler and wife’s suicide in their
    bunker with their obedient servants present..

    Will Potus follow Hitler after 3rd November

    One can but hopefully speculate !

    Not long before all is revealed.

  • Kman  On 10/05/2020 at 10:09 am

    Trump is getting medical education at Walter Reed. Covid denier is now going to say he now knows more about this virus than anyone.

    Dr trump and Dr. Covid.

    He should get a nomination for an Oscar.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 10/06/2020 at 8:17 pm

    The 5 Minute Forecast wrote:

    “Did anyone else think the presidential debate resembled a wrestling hype piece for the main event?

    “I was really surprised Kamala Harris didn’t pop out from under the stage and smash Trump over the head with a metal folding chair.”

    The 5: Thanks, Dear reader… Now we have a mental image to erase: Trump and Biden in wrestling singlets.

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