VIDEO: The Illusion of MONEY, TIME & EGO – By Alan Watts

VIDEO: The Illusion of MONEY, TIME & EGO – Alan Watts – 

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  • kamtanblog  On 09/29/2020 at 2:51 am

    My grandmother was my home grown
    philosopher. She was “illiterate” (read or write)
    ….absolutely obsessed with religion !
    Prayed and preached “good v evil” every
    day 24/7….as we grew up we often played
    mental tricks on her and her belief systems.
    EG one day as she prayed looking out of
    the window of our home on stilts (floods
    during heavy rain high tide) we stuck a cow
    horn on a pole and waved it in front of her
    as she said her rosary in prayer.
    When our mum returned home she confided
    in our mum …”Olga I saw the “devil” today as
    I was saying my rosary !”…my mum guessed
    right … when we explained what happened.

    Yes philosophy/beliefs begins at home !

    Enjoyed the brainstorming !

    Saludos GOL

    Kamtan – uk -ex-EU

  • Jo  On 09/30/2020 at 3:43 pm

    Oh the musings of those in the comfortable pew. I wonder if these words.”the purpose of life is just to be alive”..will provide meaning and comfort for a child starving in a refugee camp, or the parents fleeing the warlords. After all, why therefore should they flee or feel hunger? Just to be alive should be enough…according to Mr. Watts. No doubt he collected a fee for this bit of claptrap. I love it when they never fail to enhance their credentials by reference to their study of Eastern philosophy..quite a fad among the idle rich of the Western world, for a couple of centuries. Now the Easterners never return the favour of “having spent time studying Western philosophy”. No, they just had a brisk business helping these self-appointed wiseacres seem “wiser”!

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