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Guyana Speaks: COME LEH WE GYAFF – Via Zoom – Sunday, 27th September (2pm– 4pm BST)

Sunday, 27th September (2pm – 4pm BST)
This Month’s Speakers: Aubrey McWatt, Gina Agnew & Sandra Agard
Dear Friends,
It’s far too long since we last gathered together.  Rod and I had hoped to hold a Guyana SPEAKS event at the Classic this coming weekend but given the latest guidance on COVID-19 that is not possible.    Continue reading

Aurora Gold denies bringing in scores of Chinese workers; ditching local contractors

AGM Inc., Peter Benny,

The new management of Guyana’s biggest gold mining operations has denied that it is bringing in more than 200 Chinese workers.

AGM’s Director of Corporate Office, Compliance and Government Relations AGM Inc., Peter Benny,  denies news report.

The company also denied it has sidelined locals and will be utilizing the service of the Chinese contractor here to move mining materials and be part of the operations.

The issue was reported by Kaieteur News over the weekend.      Continue reading


—  By  Hubert  Williams

Boston, Massachusetts, October 21, 2014 — In 2003, in a lengthy document sent the office of Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, reacting to her extremely well presented book “Living History”, I had expressed misgivings over societal weaknesses and the emerging role of well-educated, highly-placed working women which could have the unintended consequence under Democracy of an ‘underclass’ literally controlling small jurisdictions such as those in the English-speaking Caribbean… and, in the fullness of time, large jurisdictions, too.

She is absolutely a “women’s libber” and a very strong proponent of an education system which separates girls and boys, particularly at the secondary and tertiary levels. Of her own experience at Wellesley College in Boston (one of the world’s foremost women’s universities), she wrote:      Continue reading

COVID-19 has killed another friend of mine – by Francis Quamina Farrier

–  by Francis Quamina Farrier

I have lost another long-time friend to the COVID-19 pandemic. Brilliant Guyana-born, England-based actor Gordon Case lost his brave battle with the COVID-19 and took his final bow on life’s stage, after ‘starring’ for just a little over the biblical allotted three score and ten years of life. Today, September 27, 2020, he would have been celebrating his 72nd Birthday. But instead of Happy Birthday Greetings and Congratulations, it is sad Condolences to his relatives, friends and colleagues.

Gordon Case, like Jimmy Bacchus, Billy Braithwaite, Hewley Harris, Michael Gilkes, Pat Thompson and other Guyanese who I have known for many years, have all died of complications due to the COVID-19 – a nasty and merciless killer disease which continues to take countless lives worldwide.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Celebrating Dr. Desrey Fox and Amerindian Heritage

The late Dr. Desray Fox

THE late Minister within the Ministry of Education Dr. Desrey Caesar-Fox, has contributed immensely to the awareness of every aspect of Guyana’s indigenous people’s culture and Guyana needs to keep her memory alive, primarily because she was such a shining example of what our First Peoples can achieve when provided requisite opportunities, such as those promised to Amerindians in the PPP/C Manifesto.

At an inaugural lecture at the Umana Yana in Kingston in June 2012, organised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport under the then PPP/C Government, to honour the life and work of the late minister within the Ministry of Education, a number of prominent persons reflected on Dr Fox’s many accomplishments and her passion for the development and preservation of Amerindian languages.          Continue reading

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