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GUYANA: COVID-19 death rate above one per day – and growing exponentially

Hundreds of young persons were tested positive and have since recovered from COVID-19.
It is matter-of-factly more likely to know someone who has recovered from COVID-19 with little hassle, than to know someone who has endured pain and suffering, or even worse, died after being infected by this virus. And it is easier for the young and strong to go about their lives knowing that many of them will be alright.

But COVID-19 is creeping up on Guyana, and the reality is that the country’s eagerness to return to ‘normalcy’ is manifesting itself in real consequences in the lives of the vulnerable.      Continue reading

GUYANA: Sawmillers welcome opportunity to export more logs – But there are concerns

said increased competition will benefit the forestry sector
Sawmillers are excited to grasp at the opportunities that will be created as the Government enacts a new policy that will allow those without concessions to export their logs.

The new policy is covered among a vast list of measures in the emergency budget for 2020 that is designed to stimulate economic growth.

In his declaration on Monday, His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali said the comprehensive budgetary measures are in part intended, “to increase our productive capacity, to reduce the cost of doing business, to improve efficiency and facilitate the growth and development of businesses.”

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GUYANA: Politicians and gold mining madness in the hinterland



The news earlier this week that the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), has fined a Brazilian gold miner G$12 million (app $60,000 US), for allegedly committing several environmental transgressions in pursuit of his mining activities, including destroying a section of the Cuyuni River bank, would by now have gotten left behind amidst the various other issues that compete for public attention at this time.

Perhaps more to the point is the fact that the fine imposed represents proverbial ‘chicken feed’ compared to the likely overall value of the precious metal extracted by the Brazilian miner and almost certainly repatriated back into Brazil, but definitely not having done anything for this country’s economy.

The Guyana Tourism Authority Launches Online Travel Training Course!

We are pleased to announce that the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has launched its very own Online Travel Training – OTT course designed to introduce the travel trade to one of South America’s most emerging destinations.

The content has been split across four modules:

1. Guyana Essentials 
2. Nature, Birding & Wildlife
3. Culture & Heritage 
4. Community-tourism and Lodges 
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