GUYANA: Government Links to Ministries and Departments – 2020

Government Links – 2020

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  • Patrick Alfred  On 09/23/2020 at 10:45 am

    I am extremely glad that all government services are interlinked and information sharing is available. The technology available can bring efficiency and reduction in cost. I personally experience this lack of information sharing from one government agency with another.

    Our property title changed from my father to my brother and myself but that change did NOT get reflected at the Georgetown City Hall in their computer system. I tried to explain to the desk clerk that the change at Lands and Mines should be seen on his computer and I should not have to be bombarded with repetitive and redundant paper work to satisfy him when I pay my property tax. The receipt should be in the new owners names not in the previous owner who in this case is my father. This issue is still pending for the change process was stalled as a result of recent election and COVID19.

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