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USA Politics: Four Reasons to Doubt Mitch McConnell’s Power – David Frum | The Atlantic

For once, he may be on the wrong side of a power dynamic.

David Frum | The Atlantic


On the night of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s deathSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that a Trump nominee to replace Ginsburg would receive a vote on the floor of the Senate.

That announcement promised a use of power without hesitation or compunction, an abrupt reversal of the supposed rule that blocked an Obama nomination nine months before the 2016 election.            Continue reading

GUYANA: Chinese owner of Aurora Gold Mine (AGM) ditches local contractors

—- applies to bring in hundreds of Chinese workers

The AGM mines in Cuyuni, Region Seven

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has written to President Irfaan Ali asking for his intervention in a case involving Aurora Gold Mine (AGM).

According to officials, the company has applied to bring in over 200 Chinese workers for that Region Seven mine, the biggest gold mining operations in Guyana.The company was fully taken over by Chinese-owned Zijin Mining Group Company last month and already the signs are not encouraging for local businesses.          Continue reading

POETRY: “Begin Again” by Brazilian Poet Bráulio Bessa – Rosaliene Bacchus Blog

From Rosaliene Bacchus Blog – Three Worlds One Vision – Guyana – Brazil – USA
Brazilian Poet Bráulio Bessa
Photo Credit: Official Website of Bráulio Bessa

My Poetry Corner September 2020 features the poem “Begin Again” (Recomece) from the poetry collection Poetry that Transforms (Poesia que Transforma) by Bráulio Bessa, a Brazilian poet and motivational speaker. The poet was born in 1985 in Alto Santo, a city of an estimated 17,000 people located in the semi-arid interior region of the State of Ceará in Northeast Brazil.


UNDER THE TAMARIND TREE  — A Novel by Rosaliene Bacchus

In this compelling story, a man who has endured much tragedy as a boy reaps the bitter fruit of deceit sown by his deceased father, threatening all he loves. While growing up in British Guiana, Richard Cheong wrestles with guilt after his younger brother is murdered and his mother’s death shortly thereafter.

As the lone surviving son, Richard believes that only a son can redeem his tormented soul and end his life of poverty and servitude to his father’s sister. After he marries the beautiful and headstrong Gloria, she bears him three girls. But in 1953 as Richard awaits the birth of what he hopes will be his first son, the British governor orchestrates a troop invasion, suspends the Guianese Constitution, and disbands the leftist government. As a chain of events unfurls that splinters Richard’s life and alters the course of his country, political unrest rages across the colony.


Brilliant Guyanese in Education in ‘Region 11’ – by Francis Quamina Farrier

 – by Francis Quamina Farrier
September is observed as EDUCATION MONTH here in Guyana. Before I continue, I need to be temporary Educator and explain what “Region 11” is, as stated in the Headline. Guyana, which is located on the northern shoulder of South America, is divided into 10 administrative Regions. Some Guyanese, myself included, refer to all Lands beyond Guyana’s 83,000 square miles as “Region 11.”
In this Education Month September 2020, we highlight the achievements and selfless service of two Guyanese Educators who are based in ‘Region 11’ – America and Canada respectively. They are Dr. Dhanpaul Narine who is located in ‘Sub-Region’ New York City, United States, and Dr. Joy Agard-Mighty who is located in ‘Sub-Region’ Ottawa, Canada. 

Continue reading

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