OPINION: On growing older – By Geoff Burrowes

By Geoff Burrowes

       When I was young I used to say loftily “Growing old is only a matter of numbers.” As I have grown older I have realised that growing old gives you perspective. Not necessarily wisdom but definitely perspective

        For example as I have aged I find that our apartment has become magical – things like drinking glasses and knives disappear magically – sometimes they reappear sometimes they don’t.           

        I have noticed that age encourages wasted trips: I get up laboriously on scrawny legs and walk all the way into the bedroom and when I arrive I have no idea why I went there. Sometimes creaking painfully back to the living room I remember why I left in the first place – sometimes I don’t – “Ah well!”

        The other thing I notice is now is how old my contemporaries have become. My cousin Arthur who is a month older than me said that he went to a reunion recently and was surprised to find all these old people!

        “Wha fo do?”

        But one of the blessings of aging is how appreciative I have become: of friends and family who have become so precious to me. I marvel and enjoy their thoughtfulness and their company. I hear jokes and views that I have heard numerous times and find them as funny or as challenging as I ever did!

        I thoroughly enjoy old friend’s company and the fact that they knew a world and a way of thinking that people today have no idea about!

        And now that I am no longer tied up from 9 to 5 I have found that I can write. I will never be a Hemingway or Tom Clancy but I feel that we have lost so much in the way of the stories, that our now dead friends and family knew and that we have lost along with them! I can remember our old way of life more clearly than what happened yesterday and can provide a window through which our families can hopefully understand what our lives were like. “Eh eh!”

        I am extremely grateful to God for every day with our friends and family and look forward with joy to being in His presence when He chooses.

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  • kamtanblog  On 09/20/2020 at 3:08 am

    Epitaph !
    Suggestion my old friend aka “old fart”

    Write that book 📚 and on your exit leave
    for our next generations to read …your legacy !
    Am writing mine for my next generations as my
    gift on my passing ! Won’t be leaving millions
    but memories are priceless.

    Life carries even after our exit !
    Have no plans on “re-incarnating” !
    On “life after” …my jury deliberating !


  • Francis Quamina Farrier  On 09/20/2020 at 1:14 pm

    Hello Geoff. Two and a half years ago I wrote an article entitled “This Elderly Gentleman Welcomes Age Eighty.” Please send me your email address to “fquaminaf@hotmail.com”, and I will forward a copy to you. God Bless.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 09/21/2020 at 11:03 pm

    • kamtanblog  On 09/22/2020 at 4:49 am

      Comrade Duncan…that clip was enjoyable
      An apt reflection on “ageing” and “ wisdom”

      Wisdom is lived …not taught in educational
      institutions. Sadly we forget most of what
      we learn as we age gracefully into our cuckoos
      nest !
      As we age a semi reclusive lifestyle seems
      more a “neccessary” option.
      We avoid public places and people !
      Made more so with “lockdown” in place.
      CorV has taught us how to win friends and
      avoid people !

      A lesson in life and lifestyles !
      We never stop learning.


  • Joy Seth  On 09/22/2020 at 4:05 pm

    Enjoyable to the very end!

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