DRUG SMUGGLING: Crashed plane with cocaine and another at Issano Mazaruni – one dead. 3 arrested

  Sep 16, 2020  News      Crashed cocaine airplane… – seized drugs weighed 390 kilos

The 206 Cessna Aircfaft which was escorted to the city

The unidentified body of a male, seized cocaine and one of the planes along with the three suspects found at Nine Miles, Issano, Middle Mazaruni, Region Seven, have all arrived in Georgetown as investigations continue.

Interpol to assist with probe

This newspaper has also been reliably informed by police sources that the International Police (Interpol) will assist the Guyana Police Force (GPF) with the investigation in identifying the dead male and ascertaining who the detained foreign nationals are.   

Kaieteur News learnt from a senior police official that the body along with the bags containing 390 kilograms were found among the wreckage of a crashed Beechcraft, twin-engine aircraft located some distance away from the Nine Miles Airstrip had arrived in Georgetown late Monday night.

Some 390 kilgrams of cocaine in crashed plane

The 206 Cessna aircraft bearing a suspected Brazilian registration number which was located at the airstrip, along with the three detained foreign nationals, were escorted to the city yesterday, by Joint Services ranks.

The detainees had identified themselves as two pilots and an internet technician.

One of the pilots is a Venezuelan national, 29, of Tumeremo, Estado Bolivar, while the other is a 35-year-old of Boa Vista, Estado Roraima, Brazil. The internet technician, 35, is also a Brazilian national of Manaus.The men-one with a fractured arm and bruises to the face, were located by ranks on Sunday last after police had received information of a strange aircraft at the Nine Miles airstrip.

The three foreign nationals

In their possession were a satellite phone, a cell phone, a sum of Brazilian currency, among other items found but there was nothing illegal on the Cessna plane.
The men had told investigators that they were heading to Suriname and forced to crash land at the airstrip because of mechanical issues.

Ranks, however, saw no visible damage marks to the plane supporting the claims of crash landing.
Police said that they were further told by the men that another plane was traveling along with them had crashed somewhere in the jungle.

Members of the Joint Services launched a search on the following day and just after noon located the wreckage of a blue and white Beechcraft along with bags of cocaine and a body.

Crashed Beechcraft plane that had cocaine and a body

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  • guyaneseonline  On 09/17/2020 at 12:46 am

    Injured pilot is known drug trafficker in Brazil

    Police have been able to identify the body found among the wreckage of the crashed twin engine beechcraft with a cargo of 390 kilograms at Nine Miles Issano, Middle Mazaruni, Region Seven.The man is said to be that of a 49-year-old Brazilian national.
    In photo: The three detained foreign nationals (Man to extreme right has been identified as the known drug trafficker in Brazil)
    Investigators have also been successful in obtaining information that the injured pilot, 38, of Boa Vista Estado Roraima, Brazil is a known drug trafficker in his country.
    According to sources involved with the investigation, the pilot had been charged in Brazil for the illegal trafficking of drugs.
    It was also disclosed to this newspaper that this recent development was gained with assistance from International Police (Interpol) and law enforcement authorities in Brazil.
    Kaieteur News was told as well that it is officially confirmed that both the crashed Beechcraft and the 206 Cessna airplane found at the Nine Miles Airstrip are registered in Brazil.
    According to information obtained by this newspaper, the crashed beechcraft, bearing registration number PT-CFG, was registered in Manaus, Brazil.

    A twin engine Beechcraft bearing registration number PT-CFG registered in Manaus, Brazil (Photo Credit: Marcos Delmar/Jetnet photos)
    On Sunday last, the pilot who sustained a fractured arm and multiple bruises to the face was found by joint services ranks. He was in the company of another pilot of Venezuela and a Brazilian internet technician.
    The men were found with the 206 Cessna aircraft at the Nine Miles Airstrip.
    According to investigators, the men had told them that they were travelling to Suriname when they developed some mechanical issues and were forced to crash land.
    Investigators had since questioned this theory, noting that there was no visible damage on the Cessna aircraft to support the men’s claim of crash landing.
    However, the men also revealed to them that there was another aircraft flying along with them that had crashed in the jungle.
    That airplane was the crashed Beechcraft, which was found with the cocaine and body on Monday at around 12:05hrs.
    Noting that the two of the foreign nationals were without injuries and perfectly fine, investigators now believe that the injured and known drug trafficker might have been the pilot of the crashed Beechcraft.

    • kamtanblog  On 09/17/2020 at 3:16 am

      Surprise surprise !
      Alarm bells 🔔 !

      Suriname to Holland and EU…the poo poo will have to up their game if want to win war on drugs trafficking !
      Interpol assistance neccessary.

  • brandli62  On 09/17/2020 at 5:07 am

    It’s good to read that these criminal were grounded by mechanical failure of their plane. In future the Guyanese authorities need to focus more on this illegal activities that violated Guyanese airspace. Especially, it will be important to force all unauthorised planes entering the Guyanese airspace to land for inspections. Without adequate fighter jets, this will however be difficult to enforce…. Suriname will also have to do some soul searching given the evidence that the drug traffickers were in trans to that country. It’s very unlikely that 390 kg of cocaine were meant to be sold on the Suriname drug market…..

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