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US Politics: He Predicted a Trump Win in 2016. What’s His Forecast For 2020? | NYT Opinion video

He Predicted a Trump Win in 2016. What’s His Forecast For 2020? | NYT Opinion

Right now, polls say Joe Biden has a healthy lead over President Trump. But we’ve been here before (cue 2016), and the polls were, frankly, wrong. One man, however, was not.

The historian Allan Lichtman was the lonely forecaster who predicted Mr. Trump’s victory in 2016 — and also prophesied the president would be impeached. That’s two for two. But Professor Lichtman’s record goes much deeper.          Continue reading

MEDICAL: Vitamin-D is Your PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] against viruses – Video

MEDICAL: Vitamin-D is Your PPE [Personal Protective Equipment]

An interview with Wayne Cezair, a Caribbean man, talking about Vitamin D and its ability to boost our immune systems so that it is able to fight infections like COVID-19. Wayne Cezair is a practitioner in “Natural Medicine”. He is concerned about the mixed messages and the false information that we are getting in regard to COVID-19 and similar viruses.

You may agree or disagree with his analysis of the COVID-19 virus and Vitamin D as a protective measure against it. This website is just giving you alternate information and is not promoting his ideas as being valid.

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZE8fvmcBz0 for comments made on his website.

OPINION: Guyana: Encouraging events; disturbing developments – By GHK Lall

—- Random issues from last week

GHK Lall

I start on an encouraging note. From Friday September 4 (KN), I read that, “Six patients released from COVID-19 ICU after restorative plasma treatment.” That is as good as any news around here in ages. I know Dr. Mahendra Carpen well, who shared the positive news, which was that six pandemic patients in “extremely critical condition” have a new lease on life.

Extremely critical from COVID-19 and ICU could mean goodbye. But this pioneering approach, where the plasma of recovered patients struck by the deadly virus was used, proved successful.    Continue reading

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