USA Elections 2020: THE  DONALD  IS ONE  LUCKY  GUY – By Hubert Williams

COMMENTARY – By  Hubert  Williams

Bridgetown, Barbados, September 5, 2020 – Nearly four years ago, against all odds, a political novice named Donald Trump, who I said at the time understood well the science of deals, shocked the world by defeating Mrs. Hillary Clinton, humbling the Democratic Party and winning his way into the White House as America’s 45th President.

Now, political novice no more, he seeks to rise to the challenge of a repeat; and is again blessed by incipient weakness in the opposition for the November 3 poll; for it is Nature’s dictate that an old man and a young woman seldom mate well; and the brief campaign — with all its COVID-19 restrictions and racially-tinged disturbances around the country — will likely coalesce white and right-wing support around the President.     

That nearly 200,000 Americans have died to date in the Pandemic is a serious indictment of the Trump Administration’s management of the crisis, but they will argue that had they not been as effective as they have been, many more Americans would have died from the plague.

It seems that The Donald can contend his way out of any situation… fast talker that he is.

To the extent that Ms. Kamala Harris’ selection as Mr. Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential running-mate attracts Black votes to the ticket, to the same extent it might detract White votes from the ticket… and, remember, Black people are less than 15% of the country’s population.

Given known discriminatory practices against them, regarding registration and other electoral requirements, their voter turnout tends to be even less than their population representation.

Further, sensible women voters of all racial groups will not be swayed merely by the fact that the Vice-Presidential candidate is a woman.

She has to come very good on the campaign trail in the next two months to shore up Mr. Biden’s lack of spectacle and impress voters of all types and racial stock that Joe+Kamala are a worthy replacement for the Trump Administration.

Further, I have a view on “blackness” and “whiteness” which I expressed in the Donald Trump article of September 2015 (prompted in part by an informative feature on him carried in the Boston Sunday Globe at the end of August 2015).

The Globe article opened to me a great deal more about the youth and the man of whom I had known very little other than admiring his style in the popular American Television series “The Apprentice”… and that is where he evidently built his political base, to have the gumption to contest the Presidency of the United States of America.

I here repeat two sections of the predictive 2015 article (1) On his prospects of winning, and (2) The oddities of Whiteness and Blackness:

FIRST… I had written:  “Donald Trump, who had said as a teenager he intended to become the most powerful real estate magnate in New York City, seems set to take America by storm and swagger his way into the White House. He is supremely confident that he can… and I think he will; though much is yet to unfold in the 14 months to November 8, 2016.”  and

SECOND:  “Donald Trump’s entry as a potential standard-bearer for the Republican Party will pose a challenge that the now governing Democratic Party has not seen for quite some time, with the first non-White President, Barack Hussein Obama (non-Black too), having been securely ensconced in the Oval Office 7 years now.

“(I try to avoid referencing him as the first “Black”, uncertain as I am as to which half should prominence be ascribed; thus still waddling in the infuriating thesis of the ink and milk).

“He’s half of each. If White has purity, so has Black, thus a mixture is neither;  but the Globe’s demographers know not yet how to deal with that conundrum.

“Thus, over the years in America, a person living almost his/her entire life as White is traced to have 2% Black blood and re-classified as Black.”

Now the battle is again joined between these two great political institutions as to who will control the United States of America – and, indeed, the world – over the years 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024.

The global environment over those years will be exceedingly challenging for whoever is in the White House… the Middle East will remain a hotbed, especially Iran;  Russia’s power continues to rise as Vladimir Putin solidifies himself at the top.

I’ve long been watching him since his master manoeuvre with second-in-command Dmitry Medvedev.

Having served the terms limited by the constitution, he orchestrated the election of Medvedev as President (2008 – 2012), then ran the show from the shadows, and at a subsequent election resumed the top post.

Now he wants the constitution amended for him to retain power for the next decade and more… an exceptionally clever strategist, and will be the toughest cookie with whom a second-term Donald Trump will have to tango.

And then there’s the awakening of the previously sleeping tiger… The People’s Republic of China, a physically enormous country with the world’s largest population… a nuclear tiger and zealous to control all it surveys – including the former British colony of Hong Kong.

In relation to who is the better man for the White House in the 2020s, Donald Trump can always contend, without contest, that he is the younger of the two, for well before the new term is ended Joe Biden would have pushed into the 80s.

No other White House occupant in the history of the Presidency has assumed office at an age anywhere near there.

So, Mr. Joe Biden, over the next two months has his task cut out for him against a very smart brawler who, evidently, has come to like the taste of being in the White House (as the man in control…  not VP…  the world’s most powerful political figure).

Mr. Biden’s choice of “running mate” is of impressive political pedigree and has sparkled in high office in California; but what she brings to the Biden campaign is unlikely to be sufficient to sweep them into the White House.

My own view is that if Mr. Biden seriously desired a truly strong woman Vice-Presidential candidate to help him win the White House, the only one in the United States of America starkly competent of so doing is the fabulous Oprah Winfrey… though had she been approached, the immediate response might have been “Joe, you run as Vice-President… I’ll run as President”.

On November 3, voters across this rich, huge and complex country will be trooping to the polls with lots of issues on their minds, principally the distressing impact on their lives and the economy of what Mr. Trump has been calling “the Chinese virus”… a very clever strategy to blunt criticism of what Democrats and other non-Trump elements have claimed to be inept management of the crisis.

The immediate post-election task facing the new Administration following January’s inauguration is an effective vaccine to fight the plague, restoring vibrance to the economy and slashing unemployment,

and really setting out onto the pathway to “Make America Great Again”.

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  • kamtanblog  On 09/07/2020 at 3:30 am

    Absolutehogwash !
    You cannot turn back time !
    Living in the past glorification of greatness
    empiral powers are on a downward spiral…
    history…past sell by date…obsolete…not fit
    for purpose ! We must learn from history by
    not repeating its mistakes.
    Empires have come and gone history !

    Must we continue this trend by replacing
    one empire with another.
    Post WW2 British empire followed by
    the American one with the upcoming
    Chinese one.
    Sorry but we must move forward remembering
    the past …learning from its mistakes
    welcoming the future.

    Que sera sera

    Kamtan UK ex EU

  • Clyde Duncan  On 09/07/2020 at 5:37 pm

    • kamtanblog  On 09/07/2020 at 7:21 pm

      Hilarious !

      Copyright infringement !

      USA land of extremism !


  • detow  On 09/07/2020 at 10:14 pm

    Kamta it might be hogwash, copyright infringement and hilarious but it is right on point. That is the only way of getting rid of this budding (fully lunatic) dictator,

    • kamtanblog  On 09/08/2020 at 2:42 am

      My friend…my apologies if I offend !
      Removal of dictators !
      1. Military coupe !
      2. Execution
      3. Revolution
      In Hitlers case it was “suicidal”.
      Democratic de-selection ?
      How do you remove Potus ?

      How many attempts failed to remove
      Castro or Sadam ?
      War the latter option.
      How do you remove rass-Putin ?
      Who poisons (removes) those who challenge
      his “ultimate” power !
      Accept it as “factual” the idiot in chief of
      USA will be democratically re-elected for
      a second term on 3rd November and
      may even re-write USA constitution
      and proclaim himself “dictator in chief”

      We can but speculate
      The end is nigh !
      Not long to go now

      Que sera sera

      Kamtan UKexEU
      Resident of planet earth
      Citizen of Rome

      • detow  On 09/08/2020 at 2:20 pm

        K, I hope that your prediction of re-election of Trump (the lunatic) is wrong, and this just for the sake of us Canadians as we would be tasked with handling the massive inflow of dissatisfied (scared) Americans who are even now poised to storm our borders with pleas for political asylum. The results of the next American election may be close but I foresee a Democratic win, not because of Biden, but because Americans are unsure of what Trump, in his unstable state of mind, is likely to do.

        And nothing in this case can be determined to be QED.

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