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HISTORY of GUYANA: “The 1823 Demerara Insurrection: A Letter to Georgetown” – By Thomas Harding

Plan of Georgetown. Demerara. 1824

Thomas Harding is writing a book about the 1823 Demerara rebellion. To find out more about him or his previous books go to his website http://www.thomasharding.com or you can email him at 1823@thomasharding.com

I am writing a book about the Demerara Insurrection of 1823. The uprising led by Jack Gladstone and his father Quamina. And I would love your help because, for now, I can’t get to Guyana …

Why, you may ask, am I, an Englishman, interested in the 1823 insurrection? Let me try and explain.        Continue reading

Guyana: Speaker is Manzoor Nadir; Deputy Speaker is Lenox Shuman for 12th Parliament

Manzoor Nadir
Manzoor Nadir

Former Minister of Labour and Tourism for the PPP/C, Manzoor Nadir was today elected Speaker of the 12th Parliament.

Nadir was nominated to the post by Prime Minister Mark Phillips and was seconded by Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Gail Teixeira. There were no other nominations for the post of Speaker and Nadir was therefore declared elected Speaker in the House where the PPP/C has a majority of 33 in the 65 member Parliament..            Continue reading

HISTORY: Who Really Built The Pyramids Of Egypt? – By Graham Bruce Hancock – video

Watch this exciting video to know the first hand experience from the legendary Graham Hancock of how the great pyramids were built.

TRAVEL: COVID-19: How clean is the air on planes – National Geographic


Tuesday, September 1, 2020 – National Geographic



By George StoneTRAVEL Executive Editor

How do you measure pandemic pessimism among travelers? The evidence is in the air—or not in the air, to be precise. At the pandemic’s peak in the U.S., there was a 96 percent reduction in air travelers; this figure shifted to a 73 percent reduction by mid-summer. According to a poll of transportation engineers, air travel figures in the U.S. are predicted to remain at 50–70 percent capacity a year from now.
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