GUYANA: Wrong Approach!—The COVID-19 Pandemic + The Christopher Jones Arrest – By Leonard Gildarie

By Leonard Gildarie


The news remain grim. I was targeting the end of September for the number of COVID-19 cases to reach 1,000. ..
Based on the current trajectory, it may be way before. As we speak, the count in the last week alone is nine deaths. That is nine out of a total of 31 deaths.
There is a raging pandemic that has engulfed the world and I am fearful for Guyana.
It will be our single biggest challenge we have to confront head on.

It will not be easy and take billions of dollars to overcome. It has wiped out our trade gains and shut hundreds of businesses down.
At this time, it is nigh impossible to project when it will be over. I see talks of phased openings and I laugh. They know not what they say.
Our biggest problem continues to be our attitudinal resistance to what is right before our eyes.       

I am not sure what else to say to our people about how irresponsible we are as a people.
I agree that we are generally a laid-back people who love to mingle and visit family and friends.
The countryside, especially, has been cavalier in the approach despite the warnings. It appears that many took it upon themselves to translate the warnings by authorities to mean the avoidance of visiting Georgetown.

I was at Rose Hall Market, Berbice last week and saw a municipal policeman barrelling down on a few vendors who had no masks. They indeed had them, but not wearing.
The majority wearing them did so half heartedly, with the masks barely covering their mouths. It is the same across the country.

We have taken the wrong approach. It should be regulations for all to wear a mask when you are out in public, whether by yourself or not. Drastic, is it? No…we do have a population to protect.

I saw the videos of police raiding bars where people were drinking.
Perhaps none was more graphic when the Region Three police commander marched into a bar at Crane, West Coast Demerara and told the stunned patrons sitting not to leave. There were cars in front and police recorded them.
On the East Coast, similar cases were recorded.

I am aghast that we so badly wanted a drink that it would not suffice for us to buy and go home?

The body count is piling up and it appears that age is just a number. I wish I could be a little softer in my language.

Guyanese would find it hard to believe that while we have closed our borders, there are groups who are actively working to break the laws.
Kaieteur Radio reported Friday that nine Cubans along with a conductor and driver were intercepted at the Berbice Bridge checkpoint that evening.
A city minibus was stopped and detained while the COVID-19 taskforce in Region 6 arrived to screen and quarantine the Cuban nationals and the two Guyanese. The group reportedly arrived through the Number 79 Village entry/exit point and were heading to Georgetown.

It was also reported that two other Cubans were also caught just as they arrived at the Number 63 beach with their luggage. They were taken to the Springlands Police Station.
Berbice police have an uphill task monitoring several illegal entry points into Region 6. Those points include Scottsburg beach, Numbers 61-65 beach area, Rose Hall, Nigg or Fyrish Koker.

This followed confirmation that just a few days ago, five Cubans tested positive for the Coronavirus out of the 7 cases in Region Six.


The other news that came to the attention of the people was the arrival of the police at the home of Christopher Jones three nights ago.
The police claimed he had state property. Jones and his attorneys insisted it was a grant for a barbershop. The equipment at his house came from a grant for which he was approved.
We are not here for that.

The issue was with the police. Did they arrive with a warrant? I like the rule of law. The law should work or be perceived to work.
The police knew that the equipment was there. What was the compelling reason to want to rush and not have a warrant?
I don’t have to agree with Chris Jones and his politics or his divisive role in the recent elections.
What I would stand with him and all Guyana with is the protection of his rights. I hate to think what his young children were thinking.
The rule of law must be paramount in Guyana.

The abuse of the court systems in the last few months has the people of this country rethinking.
The videos of police ranks in the Ashmin’s building ordering GECOM officials and commissioners and others to leave has left bitter tastes with us.
When the police can flout a court order so easily in the glare of social media cameras and think it is okay, it should sound a warning bell for all Guyana.
It can happen to me and it can happen to you.

It can create a way of thinking for the police and even politicians that rules don’t apply to them.
There is a message here, folks.

There are Guyanese, as evidenced from the last few months, who will not sit idly by and see lawlessness.
We have voices. We have pens. We have social media.
The messages will be clear.
The police top brass must make statements.
Admitting we messed up can only cause us to improve.

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  • David Dee  On 08/23/2020 at 2:49 pm

    It’s nigh useless rebutting all of the fear mongering statements you have made in your Opinion Post. It’s the Editor of Guyanese Online publication that needs to account for furthering such a ludicrously inaccurate narrative. I mention this because it is beholden upon an Editor to be correctly informed about the so-called C-19 Pandemic, which doesn’t even reach the WHO definition of ‘Pandemic’ (a definition which WHO has continually watered down in insidious attempts to attract huge increases in Funding). If the Editor had bothered to research multiple sources of unbiased scientific evidence (i.e. those silenced and censored by Mainstream/Social Media behemoths which are under the financial control of Bill Gates, George Soros and the WEF/Rockerfeller Crime Cartel) proffered by Nobel Laureates and eminent Scientists (example Doctors For the Truth AKA Médicos Por La Verdad which has over 400 Doctors signed up in support: like Luc Montagnier, Prof. Michael Levitt, Dr. Didier Raoult etc. then it would be eminently obvious that C-19 is a Virus no more harmful than Influenza that’s been propagandized to appear as a Pandemic by a sinister Cabal hellbent on imposing CCP-style Surveillance states, cashless 1-World Religion & Government across the World especially North America, Europe and Asia. View the splendid Documentary feature ‘Plandemic InDoctorNation’ on their site or via Bitchute for a sobering Awakening to the reality so blatantly avoided by the Editor.

    • Georgy Porgy  On 08/23/2020 at 5:20 pm

      It’s an OPINION POST. People have a right to their opinion just like you’re posting yours above.

    • guyaneseonline  On 08/23/2020 at 11:09 pm

      To David Dee and others reading Guyanese Online:
      From Cyril Bryan, Editor Guyanese Online.

      Thank you for your comment and the information relating to the “PLANDEMIC” that aims at installing a Chinese style (CCP) Surveillance System and cashless system across the world. Your information on this plan has been widely discussed over the years on the Internet and social media, even under the constraints of intensive attacks against ideas that conflict with Main Street Media (MSM) brainwashing and fear programs.

      In March, I stopped publishing for two months (April and May)., due to the lockdown in my overseas residence. I remember commenting then that the the COVID-19 virus and its worldwide lockdowns would have devastating repercussions on the economies and lifestyles of nations. We are now witnessing this.

      Who ordered the months of lockdowns and air traffic controls that are now worldwide? Why were they even adhered to by various countries?
      What are the next moves – vaccinations with tracking chips etc.??? When will this all end?

      Guyana just fell in line, like other countries with testing and lockdowns… no different than what is happening in the USA, Canada and other countries. Their economy is collapsing; no flights, no Cubans shopping tours; a reported 70% reduction in commercial activity and a confused and worried populace.

      Mr. Leonard Gildarie was reporting on Guyana’s reaction to COVID-19. You said that ” It’s the Editor of Guyanese Online publication that needs to account for furthering such a ludicrously inaccurate narrative.” The narrative is the reality in Guyana right now. You and others may not agree with it but the narrative is similar to ones that are reported worldwide -masks, social distancing, lockdowns, business failures, COVID-9 tests and deaths.

      It is NOT my role to foster any specific narrative, so your response, outlining a different narrative, is welcome.

      Guyanese Online has just achieved 7,000,000 hits. It is in its 11th year. Our readers are 45% USA; 25% Canada and 11% UK, based on the 2019 statistics. We aim is to select items that may be of interest to this readership in the Guyanese Diaspora as well as persons worldwide.
      I try to balance the inputs to the blog and I do not censor comments. However I ask for mutual respect by commentators.

      Cyril Bryan.
      Publisher and Editor.

      • David Dee  On 08/24/2020 at 12:00 am

        A very fair comment. However, I wonder what are your criteria for accepting Opinion Pieces. I don’t mean that in any derogatory way whatsoever. I am merely wondering if one must be an accredited Journalist in order to be accepted for publication. I may have been a tad harsh in my candour, however it’s rather frustrating to see so much focus on the scare mongering Articles even in Guyanese Online, even accounting for the perversive subversion of academic curricula by Zionists. Therefore, no sentient Being should be astonished that the centralized ownership of Mainstream and Social Media results in the pervasive and perverse dissemination of propaganda meant to enrich a rather small Cabal. But I cannot fathom why your Publication doesn’t ventilate at least some opinions that truly reflect the Science of C-19 so that at least the Guyanese community internationally have the opportunity to turn away from the repeated lies of Globalist tripe masquerading as Journalism. Respect!

  • Winston  On 08/23/2020 at 5:23 pm

    David Dee…you think it’s fear mongering? Then you need to find out what’s going on in Guyana with the Covid pandemic. The government is going to be hard pressed to deal with the situation that is unravelling as we speak. No amount of research is going to change that.

  • Colin  On 08/24/2020 at 3:50 pm

    I see ppp looking for a civil war in Guyana black people not going back and take it for much longer.

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