RACISM: West Indies cricket legend Michael Holding discussing racism in the UK – VIDEOS

RACISM: West Indies legend Michael Holding breaks down discussing racism in the UK

Holding recently made headlines after making an impassioned plea over racism in the UK during a rain break in the test match between England and the West Indies.

CRICKET: See Michael Holding bowling in 1976 vs England in video below.  This is an example of his devastating fast-bowling :

 VIDEO : Michael Holding’s ferocious spell at The Oval in 1976

Michael Holding’s fast & furious spell at The Oval in 1976 against England. There were no rains in England that summer & the whole country was going through a drought. Pitches throughout England were flat & lifeless and even the normally lush green Oval outfield was devoid of any grass as you can see in the video. But this great fast bowler didn’t need assistance either from the pitch or the weather. He terrorized England in one of the greatest exhibitions of fast bowling ever seen….


WEST INDIES CRICKET: Michael Holding’s Career: https://www.espncricinfo.com/westindies/content/player/52063.html

Wisden overview of Michael Holding:

It began intimidatingly far away. He turned, and began the most elegant long-striding run of them all, feet kissing the turf silently, his head turning gently and ever so slightly from side to side, rhythmically, like that of a cobra hypnotising its prey. Good batsmen tended not to watch him all the way lest they became mesmerised. To the umpires he was malevolent stealth personified so they christened him Whispering Death.

No-one in the game has bowled faster. His over to Geoff Boycott in the cauldron of Kensington Oval early in 1981 has gone down in history as the finest, fastest, most ferocious gambit of all time. Five years earlier, towards the end of the drought-ridden summer of 1976, The Oval had become a wasteland, parched beyond recognition, with slow flat heart-breaking pitches, and it was on this, in the final Test of the season, through the simple device of bowling ramrod-straight at high pace and to a full length, that he conjured 14 wickets for 149, the finest match figures ever by a West Indian.

Now in the commentary box, he is gentle but fearless, a rational critic who beguiles with his deep fruity measured Jamaican twang. Mike Selvey

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  • kamtanblog  On 08/22/2020 at 2:08 am

    Michael Holding
    Descendant of the “WINDRUSH” generation of
    Jamaicans/West Indians/guyanese
    who came to UK 1950/60s to help rebuild
    Britain post WW2. Mostly young males !
    Many were recruited to fight in WW2 to help
    defeat Hitler and his nazis. History is written
    by the victors …seldom by the vanquished.
    We learn from history by not repeating its
    Thanks to social media/MSM history is
    being re-written.
    Truth to power !

    Kamtan UK

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