Guyana Politics: Former president David Granger condemns arrest of Christopher Jones; political harassment

– Granger demands probe

Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones


“The actions of ranks of the Guyana Police Force, who blatantly disregarded an order of the court and unlawfully entered the premises of Mr. Christopher Jones; arrested him and illegally seized personal property, must be stoutly condemned and immediately investigated. The PNCR will not allow this type of harassment of former public servants or any citizen by agents of the state to stand.  The PNCR calls on all Guyanese to join us to strongly condemn this abuse of state power and the persecution of an innocent man,” he added.

Granger, who noted that the PNCR stands firmly with Jones and will do everything to ensure that his rights and freedom are no longer violated, said the party is calling for an immediate cessation of harassment and politically inspired witch-hunting’ of current and former public servants.

“The PNCR demands an immediate investigation into what is clearly a well-coordinated and orchestrated political attack,” he added.

Jones, who has since been released, was arrested in the wee hours of this morning after police ranks broke into his home and seized equipment as part of a larceny probe.  (see details below:


Update: Christopher Jones arrested as cops remove barbershop equipment

Police early this morning arrested former Director of Sports Christopher Jones after breaking into his home and seizing a number of boxes believed to contain barbershop equipment purchased as part of a G$4 million government funded project under the Sustainable Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Development (SLED).

The arrest of Jones came hours after his lawyer, Darren Wade, secured an order barring the law enforcers from entering Jones’ Georgetown home without a warrant. Vanloads of lawmen had turned up at Jones’ house around 6.30pm last evening and had attempted to enter his yard but Jones questioned if they had a warrant. They had none and remained outside the house after a large crowd had gathered, including members of the APNU+AFC coalition. However, at around 12:30 this morning after some of the persons had left, the police broke a lock and entered his home, arresting him and removing the boxes.

Speaking on an APNU+AFC’s live Facebook programme this morning, attorney Nigel Hughes, who now represents Jones, said the police arrested his client for being in possession of his own property.


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  • kamtanblog  On 08/22/2020 at 7:40 am

    Politricks !

    Sour grapes !

    You decide


  • Kman  On 08/22/2020 at 2:36 pm

    From government minister to barber. Something wrong here.

  • C.S.D. Maraj  On 08/23/2020 at 8:46 pm

    Gentlemen I must agree something went wrong.please wait on the facts. Something does not seem right so we should give the EX Minister a chance to explain how G 4 Million dollar worth of Barber shop equipment was left in his residence.
    We should not speculate.Let the courts decide.
    Now are there more similar circumstances of other Ex ministers hoarding state property and not aware it is a crime ???.
    . .

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