“The Punt Trench” – Poem by Guyanese-Canadian Author Ken Puddicombe

Punts to be loaded with cut sugar cane – Sugar Estate in Guyana

My Poetry Corner August 2020 features the poem “The Punt Trench” from the first poetry collection, Unfathomable And Other Poems (2020), by Guyanese-Canadian author Ken Puddicombe. Since retiring from his accounting work, Puddicombe has been pursuing his love of writing. To date, he has published two novels and a short story collection.

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  • ndtewarie  On 08/17/2020 at 11:08 am

    Norman Datt ndatt@rogers.com Please, stay at home, wear your mask and practice good hygiene. If you do this and you do it well, we can win this and win together. Save yourself, save the health workers and save CANADA and the WORLD. >

    Fo-day manin -cack a crow And he know he gat to go And all he gat is e sharp twenty-two And e food-carrier so shiny and new

    Today is had wok this whole munth Today we gat to full all dem punt At break-time me tek a lil smoke And Kadwah guh crak a joke

    And then the dam lead- han’ Playing lek some white man Sometimes behave like a real jerk Come and chase us back to work

    Buddy-by how me bones ah ache Oh Gad! If when Haray Ram tek me now, me glad Only Ram keep me going as I chant me bhajan Today, I hope me wife cook hassar and sigan The cane-cutter tek his roti from he carrier-dish He is thinking of his last daughter’s only wish To save ebry las cent of he salary To pay for her damn big dowry

    Po gyal na know fuh wat in store But agat to let me baby go fuh sure Oh Gad! Now I can hardly bend When does all dis hadship end

    The cane cutter goes home at sunset Gat to hurry so he wifey don’t fret Still gat sum tumatee to plant So tired no matta how he cant

    Fatnight coming and its pay day Gat to tek a lil finey this Friday Shoot some crap wid Kak, Bud and Lulluby And Pum-pak to dance wen he get lil groggy

    Betta read yuh book get some larning You can’t last wid this cane cutting You cut, fetch and full punt in de sun or rain Come Munday and it’s back to cutting cane

    Pickney ah tell yuh dis life is haad Dis is nat cricket or playing cyad Yuh wuk till yuh get haad calluses all ova And de bakrah neva say thanks, son-of-a

    The cane-cutter is one of those dying breed These pioneers‘ve fused the Guyanese seed Metal intact, they raked and did scrape And eventually changed the landscape


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