GUYANA: Toronto Consulate – Public Notice – Consular Services

Toronto Consulate -Public Notice- Consular Services

The Consulate General of Guyana in Toronto, Canada wishes to inform that effective Monday,
August 10, 2020 the Consulate will be reopening to accommodate by APPOINTMENTS ONLY, Consular
Services that require the applicants to appear in person before a Consular Officer.


The categories of consular services that will be accommodated by appointments only are as follows:         

• Application for Emergency Travel Document
• Notarization of Power of Attorney/Landlord and Tenant Lease Agreements/Legal Documents
• Verification and notarization of medical leave, job letters and invitation letters
• Witnessing signatures for bank transactions and authorization letters
• Registration of Overseas Births
• Police Certificate of Character
• Authentication of driver’s licence
• Application for Guyanese visas
• First time application for National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pension
• First time claim for survivor’s benefit
• Claim for NIS funeral grant/death benefit
• Application for change of name on National Insurance Scheme (NIS) records

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  • Vanessa Harrison-Chambers  On 08/14/2020 at 11:40 am

    The consulate in Toronto is not answering calls or emails. During their closure, they said to call between 9-12pm, you call, no answer. You email, no answer. Now they’re open for appointments – guess what, you call, no answer…you email, no answer. So basically they’re not open. I phoned the embassy in Ottawa yesterday and the lady said they have received so many complaints for the same thing. She let me know that she had just got off the phone with them and told them people can’t get through and they told her they have two people manning the phones – well something is clearly wrong and not working. In addition, their voicemail is not set up and be careful what links you click on when on their website as they send you to inappropriate sites. A complete disaster all around. My husband, DURING the pandemic, was able to make an appt at the Jamaican consulate online, get in to do his passport and all was well. This is an embarrassment.

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