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GUYANA: Oil Exploration: CGX selects two leads in Corentyne Block for drilling programme

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Map showing the location of the Corentyne Block and its proximity to other discoveries

CGX Energy Inc., by way of its unaudited consolidated financial statements for the second quarter of 2020, disclosed that it has identified two key drilling leads in the Corentyne Block for its next drilling programme. In explaining the work that went into the selection of these two prospects, the company said that it had contracted PGS Geophysical AS (“PGS”) to provide acquisition and processing of a full broadband marine 3D seismic survey over a northern segment of the block.
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Coronavirus: How pandemic pods and zutors are changing home-schooling – BBC News

Parent Julie Lam has made new arrangements after finding it impossible to home-school her three children and run her real estate firm

The “Pandemic Pods” group, which aims to help with childcare and schooling needs, grew to more than 30,000 members within three weeks, as areas across the US were hit by Covid-19 spikes and more schools decided to stay shut.            Continue reading

PPP Government: Political appointments: “Resign or be fired” – Gail Teixeira

– -says Granger’s political appointees had five months hiatus

Minister Gail Teixeira

Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Minister, Gail Teixeira yesterday presented those who were politically appointed by the former coalition President David Granger with an ultimatum – to resign by Monday or be fired from their post.

“We are asking them to resign and if they do not, they will be getting letters of termination. We are not going to be bullied. At the same time, we have given them a week to do what is right and from Monday, they will receive letters,” Teixeira said during an online press briefing.    Continue reading

OPINION: President Ali and his three planks: unity, transparency, accountability -two doable – By GHK Lall

I extend my best to the new leader and his administration.  They have their work cut out for them, and then some.  I read in the media those three fateful watchwords uttered by the new president, and I recognize a tall order, if ever there was one.  And that is, without any consideration of whether the time and space will be afforded to make good on the stirring promise(s) enshrined in those three meaningful words.

I read President Ali immediately speaking of working for and delivering on unity, transparency, and accountability.  Again, I wish him and his people the best on what I consider to be three very tall orders.  In some respects, those three words mirror the ones that were an inherent component of the French Revolution, viz. liberty, equality, fraternity.  Like the French ones, the Guyanese ones certainly have a nice ring to them.  As always, the proof would be the pudding.    Continue reading

Inauguration: President Ali pledges to be President of all of Guyana – Full address

— promises inclusive governance

A scene from the inauguration (Office of the President photo)
A scene from the inauguration (Office of the President photo)

President Irfaan Ali today promised to be President of all of Guyana and said that ethnicity will not get in the way of this commitment.

At his inauguration ceremony at the National Cultural Centre which began promptly at 10 am and was broadcast on NCN,  he pledged to always walk with the ordinary people. He pledged to fulfill his PPP/C’s manifesto commitments.    Continue reading
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