GUYANA: Carter Center calls on new gov’t to move quickly on electoral; constitutional reforms

Congratulating Irfaan Ali on his election as President, the US-based Carter Center today urged the new government to reach across the divide and move swiftly on electoral and constitutional reforms.

In a statement, the Center- headed by former US President Jimmy Carter –  offered plaudits to Ali, the elections commission chair and former President David Granger

“The Carter Center commends the Guyana Elections Commission and Chairperson Claudette Singh for finalizing the results of the 2020 election. It extends its congratulations to President Irfaan Ali as he assumes Guyana’s highest office and applauds former President David Granger’s statesmanship in recognizing GECOM’s declaration of results”, the statement said.       

The Center, which has been associated with electoral reforms here since 1990, called on all political parties to work together to enable a smooth transition from one government to another. It said that the Guyanese people have shown great patience throughout the five-month process, and they “deserve a government that represents all Guyanese and that works collaboratively to move the country forward”.

The Center, which has observed several elections here including the seminal one in 1992 but was prevented from returning here to observe the recount of votes in May, said that the March 2nd polls were a true test of Guyana’s democracy.

It said that the elections highlighted the  “deep divides that persist in Guyanese society and the ways that the current political and electoral systems reinforce these divisions. It is critical that key leaders in Guyana now reach across the divide and work to ensure that fundamental electoral and constitutional reforms are completed as an urgent priority, well before the next election. Guyana’s political leaders spoke of these ideals during the campaign period, and the Center calls on them now to work together to realize them. An inclusive reform process – with civil society leaders playing a key role, and with strong support from the international community – will be essential”.

The Center urged the new PPP/C government to move quickly to begin this process and said it stands ready to assist in these efforts and advance Guyana’s vast potential.

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  • Kman  On 08/05/2020 at 11:58 am

    The Carter Center is pussyfooting around.

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