Pickering Ontario welcomes Bing Serrão and the Ramblers: this Sunday August 2 @ 2:00 PM!


Destination Pickering welcomes:         Tune in to watch live

Bing Serrão & the Ramblers, this Sunday Aug 2 @ 2:00 PM!


The story of the Ramblers goes back to around 1950 in Georgetown, British Guiana when the last three siblings of the Serrão family started playing with make-believe guitars, made of empty herring cans with a wooden pole protruding, and four rubber bands with wooden heads to “tune” the guitar. In 1953, the Serrão brothers formally started the band.         

Bing Serrão and The Ramblers brought their music from Guyana to Toronto in the latter part of 1964. Guyanese and West Indians new to Toronto flocked to the Jamaican Latin Quarter Club in downtown Toronto, now the site of the Eaton Centre. Folks from the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe, who loved to dance, quickly learned about Bing Serrão and The Ramblers. While calypso and latin were the staple styles, Bing Serrão and the boys would throw in a waltz, tango, cha cha, ballad and more.

After close to 70 years, the Ramblers are pure gold, Guyana gold, playing to multiple generations!

Bing Serrão & the Ramblers have released a number of CDs with their own compositions and renditions of popular contemporary music. Check out their music pages on Amazon Music, Google Music or iTunes.

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Summer Concerts Online Sundays – Bing Serrão & the Ramblers
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