BOOK: Golden Arrowhead—A Memoir –  by Andra Thakur


My book, GOLDEN ARROWHEAD, (A Memoir) has recently been published (Jaguar Press January, 2020. 360 pp. including 30 pages of maps and photos) but has not fully entered circulation due to the global pandemic.

The book is set in 24 Chapters: 9 in Guyana; 8 in Western Canada–Edmonton and Nanaimo– and 2 each in India, Thailand and West Africa–Ghana and Nigeria.

The selling price for the book is US$20. plus shipping and handling. For further information kindly contact;>><< or phone 407-287-4700


—An engrossing combination of autobiography and ethnography about the making of a passionate anthropologist and inspirational educator. As a man propelled to overcome his humble roots by an insatiable appetite for learning and self-improvement, Thakur’s insightful and colorfully woven life history leaves the reader with a stark reminder that education is not a natural entitlement but rather is an invaluable privilege.        (Mario A. Fumerton, PhD., Utrecht University, The Netherlands

—Dr. Andra Thakur is a truly unique individual, with a passion for research and teaching and a gift for analyzing complex phenomenon in clear and concise manner. A humble and down to earth individual with a global perspective of people from around the world. Throughout the Golden Arrowhead Dr. Thakur has demonstrated his unique qualities; sharing his vocational skills with women in Thailand and later a three-day seminar on, Preparing Research and Funding Proposal. The rare quality of a teacher and friend who would readily share such unique blending of –academic/vocational– knowledge.               (Nicholas Atampugre, Ph.D. Accra, Ghana).

—Dr Thakur’s deep sense of optimism and faith in his fellow man shines through his work on every page of his memoir. His strength of spirit, determination and strong belief in education is powerfully communicated, as is the value he places upon both friendship and family.  Despite a lifetime filled with many obligations he has clearly lived a balanced life including intense activities in sports. This memoir, Golden Arrowhead… is engrossing. The narrator takes us through his journey, a passionate journey, in a constant search for higher social intellectual and spiritual grounds, always ready to share with the same passion. Dr. Thakur has lived his philosophy and we now benefit from his sharing it with us!  (Margret MacDonald, Vancouver, Canada)

COMMENTS on Sewing School

When I read of Dr. Thakur’s contributions, I am humbled (by his) personal delivery of the sewing machines… the lessons, and the continued concerns about these deserving children touched my heart

——- Harriett L. Elam Thomas (former US Ambassador)

— COMMENTS on Field school

Had it not been for your foresight in recognizing the wonderful opportunities Field Schools have to offer students, I may never have realized this experience in my life. Thank you (Andra) for teaching me how to be an Anthropologist. But mostly, I thank you for your friendship and support while I embarked on this wonderful journey

———- Lori McFadyen, Ph.D ( Candidate)

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