Guyana Tourism: Cowboy Country: Waikin Ranch – Rupununi

Featured Itinerary: WAIKIN RANCH. Rupununi

 3-Day Itinerary

Waikin Ranch is a working farm and cattle ranch sitting on 33,000 acres of land in the central Rupununi region.

This property has combined the passion for agriculture, animal husbandry, conservation and hospitality to create a unique and special guest experience. The ranch and its surrounding savannah and wetlands is a haven for a wide variety of species of mammals, reptiles, fish and almost 200 species of bird.

Most trips to Waikin Ranch last between two and four days and this property makes a fantastic base camp from which to explore the savannah and other attractions in the Central Rupununi.     (See itinerary details in link below)     


Ever wish you could travel back in time to the days of the old west, and a life of ropin’, wranglin’ and tuckin’ into some hearty grub by the campfire? Well, such an experience is possible, and you don’t need a time machine, just a passport.


Guyana has several working farms and cattle ranches in the South Rupununi where travellers can live out their cowboy fantasies and more. While the ranches vary in size and specific attractions,they all deliver on the promise of a hands-on cowboy experience. Guests can saddle up and accompany Guyanese vaqueros (Portuguese word for cowboy) on cattle round ups, learn how to lasso, bring down and brand a steer and other ranch-related tasks.

Of course, this being Guyana,there are also plenty of activities John Wayne would have never been able to enjoy. Ranch guests often go birdwatching, take wildlife-spotting tours, learn traditional cooking methods, take a swim in a crystal clear stream, or just kick back and relax in a hammock. Okay, John Wayne probably did do that.


Guyana’s largest and oldest ranch is Dadanawa. Located in the southern Rupununi region near the Brazilian border,the ranch has been in operation since the 1880’s, and is currently home to over 6,000 head of cattle. At least that’s what they think, it’s hard to get an accurate count given Dadanawa encompasses over 1,700 square miles, an area larger than Rhode Island.

Saddle Mountain Ranch offers a genuine, old-school vaquero adventure experience. You’ll learn how to lasso calves in the corral, and ride across the spectacular savannahs of the southern Rupununi region. You may camp out or stay in the basic, but comfortable facilities. Either way, you’ll enjoy a fresh, delicious dinner under a sky brimming with stars.

Waikin Ranch is a farm and cattle ranch sitting on 33,000 acres of land in the central Rupununi. The ranch combines the owners’ passion for agriculture, animal husbandry, conservation and hospitality to create a unique and special guest experience. The fields and orchards surrounding this property are a haven for almost 200 species of bird, while giant anteaters and deer still roam freely around the ranch as do capybara, anacondas and caiman (if you are lucky).


Should you have any lingering doubts concerning Guyana’s cowboy creds, consider attending the annual Rupununi Rodeo, a raucous three-day event that draws thousands of participants and spectators. The rodeo’s held every Easter weekend, but unfortunately, had to be cancelled this year due to COVID-19 concerns. When it is once again safe to travel, however, we invite you to come to Guyana and saddle up for an adventure of a lifetime.


What’s it like to spend a day at Waikin Ranch? This short video will give you a good idea. So eat a hearty breakfast, put on your swimsuit and saddle up. Get ready to embrace adventure, encounter wildlife and simply kick back and relax. Now that’s a good day. Watch the video below  ….

Guyana Tourism Authority | National Exhibition Centre, Sophia, Georgetown

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