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SURINAME: Chandrikapersad ‘Chan’ Santokhi is the new president – leads 4-party Coalition Government

Flag of Suriname

It was around 11 am. After all duties, the symbol of the Republic of Suriname was formally attached. President Desi Bouterse said goodbye after 10 years and Chan Santokhi took office. (Image: STVS)

TRAVEL: GUYANA: Resumption of int’l travel postponed to August 28 due to COVID-19

Photo: Guyanese returning home after being stranded overseas due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [CJIA photo]

The Ministry of Public Health has advised the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) that the reopening of the country’s airports for international travel should be shifted to August 28.

Originally, Guyana’s airports were scheduled to be opened for international travel on July 1 but due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, that timeline was postponed to August 1.

Now, authorities have disclosed that the timeline should be altered once again.      Continue reading

HEALTH: LIFESTYLES: The ingredients for a longer life – BBC News

A handful of small towns have remarkable longevity. What is it about their lifestyle that can increase your chances of living to 100?

One is a town surrounded by tropical forest and beaches popular with surfers, two are craggy islands in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, the fourth is at the tail of the Japanese archipelago, while the last is a small city in California whose name means “beautiful hill”.

At first glance, there might not seem much to link these five locations – Nicoya in Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy, Ikaria in Greece, Okinawa in Japan and Loma Linda in California. They are scattered in different corners of the world and could not look more different.          Continue reading

BOOK: “Jamaica: Post-Colonial Struggles – Selected Columns 1976 – 2013” – By Wilberne Persaud

  • ISBN: 978-976-95975-2-5 e-book     ORDER at this Link EBOOK $19.38

Comment (excerpts) by Historian Brian Moore on “Jamaica: Post-Colonial Struggles for Dignity, Equity and Development – Selected Columns 1976 – 2013”:


“The book is a wonderful compendium of Wilberne Persaud’s erudite commentaries on contemporary socio-economic developments as they unfolded. In that regard, it literally relives a relatively recent past that still impacts present-day Jamaica.

So, it is particularly informative for policy makers today who can see where and how their predecessors went wrong. But its value will be further enhanced over time as it will become an invaluable interpretive source for future history researchers whether or not they concur with your views.

“Of course, since the focus is exclusively on Jamaica, it should naturally have strong resonance on Jamaicans and on people like me who lived there over many years and experienced much of what it discusses; and of course, also on people who have a scholarly interest on the economic challenges and pitfalls in developing countries. … it’s a work that I will have to read, not in one go, but in segments. There’s a lot to digest. With that in mind, your clear thematic sectionalizing of the articles is a boon.            Continue reading

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