Guyana: Arsonists burn GECOM office in Wismar; also fire at CID at Anna Regina and GDF building

Arsonists burn GECOM office in Wismar

GECOM – Wismar office building burns

Police suspect that arsonists burnt down the Region 10 office of the Guyana Elections Commission, located at Wismar, early Tuesday morning.

Investigators say they were told by a security guard, who was at the front of the rented building at First Alley, that at about 1:55 AM, she heard an explosion at the back of the building.             

She said  two men were seen running up the road into  First Alley, even as the building was being engulfed in flames.

Police say  the upper flat of the building was destroyed.

A senior police officer said the fire was contained about two hours later.

There were no reported injuries.

Meanwhile, fire officials said fire destroyed an abandoned building at Maria’s Pleasure, Essequibo Coast overnight. That building belongs to the Guyana Defence Force’s 2nd Infantry Battalion.


Police files destroyed in willful fire at Anna Regina CID office

The Guyana Police Force said several files at its Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters were destroyed and others damaged by am early Tuesday morning fire.

The incident occurred at about 5 AM at the CID Office of the Anna Regina Police Station.

Police say Constable Benjamin was checking the compound when he observed smoke coming from the Regional Detective Inspectors Office.

Fire fighters were summoned and they extinguished the blaze that destroyed and damaged several files among other documents.

Police said a louvre pane was removed and placed on the street and kerosene was present on the ground in the same area.

No one has been arrested.

Earlier this month, a deliberately set fire under similar circumstances destroyed the Magistrates chair at the Suddie Magistrates’ Court.


Unoccupied GDF building damaged by fire

An unoccupied Guyana Defence Force (GDF) building on the Essequibo Coast was damaged by fire early Tuesday morning, police said.

The building, located at the GDF 2nd Infantry Battalion Base at Maria’S Lodge, went up in flames around 3:30 AM.

Police said neighbours observed fire and smoke at the top flat and formed a bucket brigade to contain the blaze while fire fighters arrived an hour later.

The floor and walls were damaged.

A full assessment of the damage is expected to be completed.

Earlier this month, an arsonist set fire to the magistrates’ court at Suddie.

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  • JeanCameronn  On 07/18/2020 at 12:41 pm

    Stupid ignorant person burning buildings That does not solve anything

  • JeanCameronn  On 07/18/2020 at 12:41 pm

    Stupid ignorant person burning buildings That does not solve anything

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