Guyana Elections: Update: Defiant CEO Lowenfield submits report to give APNU+AFC win

The Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield on Saturday submitted a report after 11  AM based on the 10 declarations that were held in abeyance, and the People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) election commissioners say they are inaccurate and do not reflect data from the recounted votes.

This report came one day after Mr. Lowenfield suggested that it would contradict the Caribbean Court of Justice’s (CCJ) ruling to use the recount data because they were not done under the hand of the Returning Officers and counting agents.       

Saturday’s Commission meeting was not held as there was no quorum because the three pro-coalition election commissioners have not turned up for the meeting. The governing coalition’s stance is almost identical to concerns raised by the Chief Elections Officer in a letter to the GECOM Chairman, Justice Singh.

The international community has repeatedly called on GECOM to use the recount data to declare the final results. However, the Chief Elections Officer, in a letter accompanying his report, said he was performing his constitutional duty to advise her of the results to be used. “It is my understanding that Article 177(2)(b) of the Constitution affords the technical officer the right to advise the Chairman of the elections results that ought to be declared. In this regard, I have prepared and submitted the results of the General and Regional elections in accordance with my statutory and constitutional duties and all applicable laws,” he told the GECOM Chairman.

“That report does not contain the correct numbers as was generated by the recount exercise and those numbers, I have not checked them in detail, but I can tell you definitively, they do not generate the numbers that were generated by the recount exercise,” pro-PPP Commissioner, Sase Gunraj said.

The submission of the report based on the 10 declarations dating back to March includes the one from Region Four that show bloated figures in favour of A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) with 136,057 and 77,231 for the PPP.

The recounted votes show that APNU+AFC got 116,941 and the PPP 80,920.  That was the only region whose votes were called into major question by the PPP and all international and regional observers.

The results that Mr. Lowenfield submitted on Saturday increases the number of valid votes cast to 475,118 instead of the 460,352 votes that were recounted and certified as valid. In his latest report, David Granger’s APNU+AFC got 33 seats, the PPP 31 and the three joinder parties 1 seat.

The recounted votes gave the PPP a one-seat majority in the 65-seat National Assembly.

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  • Janet James  On 07/12/2020 at 3:14 am

    What a disgrace to our country, absolute corruption, Guyana is going downhill. The younger generation will think corruption is acceptable.

  • wic  On 07/12/2020 at 9:03 pm

    Sorry JJ. but you missed the point. Forty years ago the younger generation was learning about corruption; it’s those who now have matured and are in charge. Of course you are also correct, as its a new generation that’s being being corrupted by those before them like the recurring decimal. Very sad.

  • Chris  On 07/12/2020 at 11:45 pm

    It’s more than 50 years.

    Sorry wic, corruption goes back to the 1960’s when Peter D’Aguiar joined up with Forbes Burnham to topple Cheddi Jagan who they could not beat in general elections by the first past the post system.

    Working in conjunction with the British and Americans, they changed the voting system to proportional representation. D’Aguiar formed the United Force partly. In the 1964 national elections under PR, the PNC and UF formed a coalition to oust the PPP.

    Peter D became Finance Minister and Burnham, PM. By 1967, Peter D’Aguiar had become fed up with Burnham’s fraud and quit.

    After he quit, Burnham began his campaign of rigged elections from 1968 to his death in 1985.
    Desmond Hoyt replaced him and remained in power till 1992. Cheddi won that election until his death in 1997 after which his wife Janet became PM. Janet was replaced by Jagdeo who was/is also corrupt.

    Today, the country is still plagued by electoral dishonesty and corrupt politicians. Following the Burnham/D’Aguiar era, Guyana saw a mass outward migration which continues to this day.

    There is little to no hope for this haunted country. Today, three dubious fires were set at various locations in the country. It’s an ominous sign of what’s to come, unfortunately.


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