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TRAVEL: COVID-19: Over 1300 persons repatriated to Guyana – GCAA Chairman

Inewsguyana – July 4, 2020

The National Covid-19 Task Force has managed to repatriate over 1,300 Guyanese back to their homeland, after being stranded overseas due to the COVID-19 pandemic.   This is according to Chairman of the Guyana Civil Aviation Commission (GCAA), retired Colonel Larry Landon, during a virtual press briefing today.

Landon sought to underscore the decision made to extend Phase One of the reopening plan, which means that the current setup will remain in place until the ending of July. After that, an assessment will be made to determine if the Second Phase should be employed. Continue reading

Canada: Five Municipalities call for 5G Moratorium: Niagara Falls and Ontario Elected Officials Concerned About Safety

— Opposition to 5G is WORLDWIDE.


There’s no doubt that other sources of wireless and Electromagnetic Radiation (aka “Electrosmog”) can cause and have caused biological and environmental problems too.  However, experts continue to warn that adding 5G to already dangerous levels of “Electrosmog” is a recipe for disaster (see 12, 34).

Kudos to these Canadian municipalities for calling for moratoriums:  CoaticookSutton, Pike River, and Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec and also to elected officials in Niagara Falls and Ontario for raising valid health and safety concerns.          Continue reading

Canada: Plain to see – Racism in Canada invoked intellectual disparity

By Yvonne Sam

Whenever racism faces denial…..  History goes on trial.

In the aftermath of the senseless murder of George Floyd, the collective eye became fixed on race relations in Canada. The oppressive system racism that Blacks have faced over the years, detonated into the foreground through street protests and riots. Disillusioned and angry people are expressing age-old dissatisfactions that echo through time. Images on screens of cell phones and televisions now draw arrant parallels with a sad history that most do not want to relive.

Underlying this all lies RACISM, its very existence belied by many, as some of Canada’s leaders have openly asserted that systemic racism does not exist in Canada in the selfsame manner as it does in the United States. It is a part of the Canadian national narrative of positioning the  country in juxtaposition to the United States.            Continue reading

Covid-19: why the economy could fare worse than you think | The Economist – Video

Three months after lockdown was relaxed in China, its economy is now running at around 90% of normal levels. Although 90% may sound fine, for many it could be catastrophic…. especially if the level of economic recovery is even lower.

Read more here: https://econ.st/2AeZ86k

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