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WHAT IS GUYANA’S DESTINY? – By Geoffrey Da Silva – former Ambassador. CEO. Minister and Consul General


Geoffrey Da Silva

National Unity with Equal Economic Opportunities
An Ethnic and Political Stalemate with the Consequences of
Persistent Poverty and Bouts of Temporary Insanity

This is a contribution to the many broad initiatives of those Guyanese and friends of Guyana who are searching for ways to build national unity and provide equal economic opportunities for Guyanese in all the ethnic communities. Some persons support a particular political party and many are not politically aligned. It does not matter.

Most importantly, they belong to all the ethnic communities in Guyana and they want a new beginning for Guyana.

I humbly present these reflections and action proposals for critical review and correction. There are five reflections and two action proposals. They are divided into seven Parts so that you can read them separately, at your own convenience.:      (PDF copy below) Continue reading

USA: “I’ve Seen Dictators Rise And Fall. Beware America”. – By Salman Rushdie | Washington Post. 

    By Salman Rushdie | Washington Post.   

In my life, I have seen several dictators rise and fall. Today, I’m remembering those earlier incarnations of this unlovely breed.   

IN INDIA IN 1975, INDIRA GANDHI, FOUND GUILTY OF ELECTORAL MALPRACTICE, DECLARED A STATE OF EMERGENCY THAT GRANTED HER DESPOTIC POWERS. The “emergency”, as it became known, ended only when she called an election, believing she would win, and was annihilated at the polls. Her arrogance was her downfall. This cautionary tale formed a part of my novel “Midnight’s Children”.

IN PAKISTAN IN 1977, GEN. MOHAMMED ZIA UL-HAQ STAGED A COUP AGAINST PRIME MINISTER ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO AND EXECUTED HIM IN 1979. This dark story was the inspiration for my novel “Shame”. The circumstances of my life have given me some understanding of the dictatorial cast of mind.          Continue reading

Guyana Politics: This election has changed Guyana for the worse – Dr. David Hinds

Nobody can say with any confidence when and how Guyana’s current political impasse would end.

This is partly because we have not been down this road before and partly because the final outcome is linked to factors that are not electoral in nature. I have argued all along that this election is the occasion for the settling of other non-electoral scores, some old and others new.

It is, therefore, not accidental that after almost four months, the imminent end may not be that imminent. It is also not surprising that external forces have become more embroiled than normal in the situation.        Continue reading

Travel: Guyana postpones re-opening of airports after sharp rise in COVID-19 cases

The local aviation authority has canceled plans to re-open the country’s international airports after a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases.

The CJIA  phased re-opening now August 1st,

Instead of a planned July1opening, the process has been pushed back to August 1st, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) said yesterday.
The country’s borders and airports were closed in March as the world battled the virus pandemic which has crippled flights.

The two international airports are the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and the Eugene F. Correia International Airport.     Continue reading

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