Guyana Politics: CCJ Live Stream website for Hearing on July 01 from 9.00 am

CCJ Live Stream website for July 1 Hearing Beginning at 9.00 a.m

GYCV2020/002 – Mohammed Ifraan Ali et al v Eslyn David et al (Hearing)

The Applicants are appealing the decision of the Court of Appeal of Guyana delivered on Monday 22nd June 2020. On Thursday 18th June 2020, before the Chief Elections Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission was scheduled to submit his Report on the results of the General and Regional Elections held on 2nd March 2020.   
The First Respondent filed a Notice of Motion for several reliefs, among the reliefs sought was an interpretation of the words ‘more votes are cast’ in Article 177(2)(b) of the Constitution of Guyana. The Court of Appeal in its decision ordered that the words are to be interpreted as meaning ‘more valid votes are cast’. The Court also ordered the decision be stayed for three days. The Applicants, who were added as Respondents before the Court of Appeal, claim that the decision was wrong for many reasons, including that the Court of Appeal did not have the jurisdiction to hear and determine the Notice of Motion.
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  • guyaneseonline  On 07/01/2020 at 6:10 pm

    CCJ sets July 8 to deliver decision on PPP/C’s challenge to Appeal Court ruling
    July 1, 2020.-

    The virtual hearing for Mohammed Irfaan Ali et al v Eslyn David et al case before the Caribbean Court of Justice.5

    The Caribbean Court of Justice has set next Wednesday, July 8 to deliver its judgment on the appeal brought by the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) challenging the ruling handed down by Guyana’s Court of Appeal on jurisdiction to interpret the Constitution.

    Today’s marathon hearing began with Trinidadian Senior Counsel Douglas Mendes laying out his reasons why the Court of Appeal exceeded its jurisdiction in interpreting the Article 177 (2) of the Constitution to say “more votes are cast” should mean “more ‘valid’ votes are cast”.

    Mendes, who is representing PPP/C’s Bharrat Jagdeo and Irfaan Ali, cited Eslyn David’s submissions which the Appeal Court had ruled on, pointing out that they failed to reach the threshold for jurisdiction under Article 177(4) of the Constitution.

    His argument is that if the Court of Appeal exceeded its jurisdiction, then the finality clause does not apply to the case.

    Next in the lineup was Senior Counsel John Jeremie, who represents David; he sought to rebut Mendes arguments.

    In the middle of telling the Court that Mendes cannot tell him what an election is, CCJ Judge Adrian Saunders interjected to ask whether there is any precedent for his arguments.

    In fact, Jeremie had cited a case which CCJ Justice Marueen Rajnauth-Lee noted is actually harmful to his position.

    It was not until 16:25hrs in the afternoon that Jeremie was able cite his precedent, a Mauritian case from 2011 that the Privy Council decided on.

    The CCJ is expected to deliver its ruling at 15:00hrs.

    • Mike Persaud  On 07/01/2020 at 7:02 pm

      It’s highly unlikely that the Caribbean Court of Justice’s decision will be favourable for Granger and his crooked cronies. The people of Guyana exercised their franchise and decided who the next government will be.

      A winner was chosen by the democratic process. That was four long months ago. Why is the new government still not yet sworn in?

      Never in the history of mankind has there been such a lengthy delay. This will be in the Guinness Book of Records. The old man says he smells a rat. The other old guy says something is fishy.

      The third old guy says the smell reminds him of Bourda Market. Always fishy and foul.

      Granger lost and should concede now because he cannot steal the election with the eyes of the world watching. He’s playing with fire. I hope he likes the urine smell of the inside of a jail cell. Because that’s where he’s headed.


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