Message: Guyana-born Eddy Grant – A Change Is Going To Come Monologue + Videos

Message: Eddy Grant – A Change Is Going To Come – Video

Released by Ice Records – June 10, 2020

“Now in the streets there is violence and ah lots of work to be done” (Electric Avenue – 1982)

As hundreds of thousands of Black Lives Matter demonstrators take to the streets across the world to protest the recent killing of George Floyd, international recording artist Eddy Grant strikes a very different and sombre note.

In this thought-provoking monologue, ‘A Change Is Going To Come’, Grant again puts it on the line, mindful of the possible backlash to his career as an artist from his white fans and friends alike. But as he says, ‘if not now, then when.” Grant who is the international spokesperson for the Guyana Reparations Committee says “if there is going to be a change, let there be a change of significant proportions.     

Like he has done with the lyrics of his many emblematic protest songs over the last 50 years – ‘Police on My Back’ (performed by The Clash and many other politically conscious artists), ‘War Party’, ‘Living on the Frontline’, ‘Preaching Genocide’, ‘The Struggle’, ’Race Hate’, ‘Gimme Hope Jo’anna’, and ‘Reparation’ that have been resistance soundtracks to white racism and economic injustice, Grant aka The Message Man, rips off the band-aid ‘we’re all in this together’ to confront ‘the unpleasant historical elephant in the room’ – the systematic dehumanisation of Africans and people of African descent at the hands of the white colonial powers for 500 years.

Let there be a change where white people, those in particular who have benefitted from the Slave Trade, let them now decide that they have a pang of conscience, that they will now deal substantially with the issue of REPARATIONS.” This is not a Hollywood type ‘Dear White People’ conversation because Grant is not mincing words. He is forthright as he is unflinching in his resolve that “African enslavement and that which came with it and white empowerment is the last unresolved issue in this world today.”

The Ice Records family invites you as fans of great music and as people committed to equity and justice, to take some time out to listen to Eddy Grant: ‘A Change Is Going To Come.’ Keep your hearts and minds open. We welcome your respectful comments and ask that you share this message with your friends and family. This is a time for us all to make real change! More Quotes from ‘A Change Is Going To Come’ by Eddy Grant “We have got a massive, massive issue that walking in the streets right now saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ will not cure. Black lives have always mattered……” The issue we should be talking about is RESPECT.”

“Why do you hate us so much even though you know your ancestry has beaten us for 500 years and disempowered us to the point that we’re always having to beg you to be ourselves?” “We’re not looking for your money. We’re looking for EQUITY, FAIRNESS…” The business of Slavery included us. I can say it quite honestly, hand on heart, we are partners.” “You have refused to do the humane thing – to pay us for our work, our culture, for our brains you’ve removed, for all the children killed, all the George Floyds, Trayvon Martins, Rodney Kings. For all the intransigencies that you have taken part in, all the hangings…..” “Don’t tell me you respect me because you’re walking with me in streets… don’t respect me because had you respected me you would’ve been walking in the streets on another subject…. and that subject is REPARATIONS!”

EDDY GRANT – Playlist includes “Reparation”


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  • kamtanblog  On 06/25/2020 at 3:55 am

    A public apology from Bojo will help to
    ease the pain….with compensation where
    We can forgive the past but should never
    forget it.
    History repeats itself …we learn by not repeating.
    Sorry is sometimes simple to say but
    difficult to mean !

    Come on Bojo
    Do the right thing !

    Kamtan UK

  • the only  On 06/25/2020 at 12:09 pm

    Change for who? There is no change for the people of GUYANA.

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