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US Elections – analyzing data to predict result in November 2020 – The Economist

Forecasting the US elections

The Economist is analysing polling, economic and demographic data to predict America’s elections in 2020

The Economist has just launched its first-ever statistical forecast of a US presidential election. Using machine-learning techniques to combine polls with fundamental factors, such as the economy and presidential approval ratings, it estimates Joe Biden’s and Donald Trump’s probabilities of winning each individual state and the election overall.

It is the first model to correct for differences in the willingness of supporters of each party to talk to pollsters. The model’s projections are updated daily to reflect the latest available data.

READ MORE: https://projects.economist.com/us-2020-forecast/president?

Message: Guyana-born Eddy Grant – A Change Is Going To Come Monologue + Videos

Message: Eddy Grant – A Change Is Going To Come – Video

Released by Ice Records – June 10, 2020

“Now in the streets there is violence and ah lots of work to be done” (Electric Avenue – 1982)

As hundreds of thousands of Black Lives Matter demonstrators take to the streets across the world to protest the recent killing of George Floyd, international recording artist Eddy Grant strikes a very different and sombre note.

In this thought-provoking monologue, ‘A Change Is Going To Come’, Grant again puts it on the line, mindful of the possible backlash to his career as an artist from his white fans and friends alike. But as he says, ‘if not now, then when.” Grant who is the international spokesperson for the Guyana Reparations Committee says “if there is going to be a change, let there be a change of significant proportions.      Continue reading

Lloyd’s of London that owned slaves in Guyana apologises; pledges financial support to Black communities

Slave Ship – loading “cargo”

Two major British companies have acknowledged their historic ties to the slave trade and pledged new financial support to black and minority ethnic communities.

Lloyd’s of London, the world’s oldest insurance market, and pub chain Greene King said in statements late Wednesday that they would take steps to make their businesses more racially inclusive and provide financial support to black and minority ethnic groups.

The companies are highlighted in a University College London database exploring the legacies of British slave ownership. Companies with links to Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Barclays are also mentioned.        Continue reading

London primary school ‘named after slaver’ to be renamed after first black Guyanese headteacher

REPRODUCED FROM Evening Standard ( https://www.standard.co.uk/ ) – by NAOMI ACKERMAN

Ms Beryl Gilroy, who emigrated from Guyana -was head of Beckford primary school in West Hampstead, London from 1969 -1982 (The Estate of Beryl Gilroy)

Hundreds of north London parents and former pupils are calling for a primary school named after an 18th century slave owner to be rechristened in honour of one of London’s first black headteachers – Ms Beryl Gilroy.

Beckford School in West Hampstead is believed to have been named in the 1920s after William Beckford, a former Lord Mayor of London who owned an estate in Jamaica with more than 3,000 slaves, or his son, an artist who lived off proceeds of the estate.    Continue reading

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