Father’s Day 2020- Guyanese FATHERS in Shining Armour – by Francis Quamina Farrier

FATHER’S DAY is such a special day each year. It is the day when Societies around the World focus on the good and dedicated fathers. It is, and must be, void of any negative utterances about Fathers, since there are over 360 other days in the year for that. No MALE BASHING on FATHER’S DAY.  For tomorrow June 21- FATHER’S DAY 2020, we feature the following four Guyanese Fathers.

Stanley Ming M.S.            

Stanley Ming and his wife Michele with their son Calvin

Stanley Ming is a well-known and respected Guyanese businessman, not only here in his native Guyana, but in many countries around the world. Ming has travelled to many countries competing in motor cycle racing. He is well known as one of the dare-devil motorcycle riders at the South Dakota Circle, Timehri. One of his greatest motorcycle adventures, was riding from Sydney to Perth in Australia – a distance of 2,445 miles. Accompanying him on that high adventure was another Guyanese motorcycle champion, Joey King. Over the years, Stanley Ming has worked hard at various Companies, finally establishing his own company, Mings Products and Services, Ltd. (MPS).
While being a successful businessman and part-time politician, Stanley Ming has built one of the most beautiful Guyanese Families. Married to Dr. Michele Ming, together they are the proud Parents of a boy and three girls. Calvin, the son, has followed in his father’s footsteps as one of Guyana’s all-time motorcycle champions. Well-trained by his father Stanley, he has won many competitions in Guyana and abroad. The most prestigious being in Mexico where he took Guyana’s Golden Arrowhead ahead of all others to the Finish Line. A chip off the old block you would say. Stanley Ming is a father, to emulate.

Lawrence Lachmansingh

Lawrence Latchmansingh with wife Shianne and their three daughters

International Public Servant, Lawrence Lachmansingh, is the father of three daughters. A former Student at the Saint Stanislaus College, he has had over 20 years of Local and International experience as a governance conflict practitioner with particular expertise in domestic electoral observation, civil society strengthening, and conflict prevention. A Devout Catholic, Lawrence Lachmansingh, sets the example for his three daughters who are very studious. Because of his attachment to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Lachmansingh has lived in a number of foreign countries such as Indonesia and Ghana, with his Family. His growing daughters have had the opportunity of experiencing a variety of cultures and studying at schools in the Far East and Africa among others.  Professionally, Lachmansingh’s expertise is helping to solve and prevent conflicts, which he has done in many countries. His role as a good Father, is being supported by his wife Shianne, the mother of his three daughters. (Photograph by Francis Q. Farrier)

Domain Saul

Domain Saul with his wife Samantha and daughters Victoria, the older and Twins Linda and Michelle. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

“The Silver Lining of the COVID-19 pandemic, is that we get to spend our days together”. So stated Domain Saul, the father of three very young children; two of them are twins. “Being the father of twins does have its unique challenges.” he said. “A friend of mine described it as having to switch from man-to-man coverage to zone defense”, said the young Guyanese father of three. “My very first reaction was disbelief”, was his answer when asked how he felt when told that his wife Samantha’s second pregnancy was TWINS. He thought that his wife was joking. “Being the father of young children in general, is to be constantly amazed. To watch them grow and develop is truly special” the young father revealed, adding,  “To watch that in twins is fascinating. Every once in a while, Samantha and I look at each other and simply say, We have twins.” To have their older daughter and the twins growing up swiftly, bring many challenges, as well as joy, into their lives. “It’s still a source of wonder and delight that we both share”, Domain Saul concluded.

Shameer Ali

​Proud Father Shameer Ali with his two studious daughters Tatyana and Sara. (Photo by Francis Quamina Farrier)

Shameer Ali and his wife Broadcaster Michella Abrams-Ali, are the kind of hands-on, religious parents who build strong families, which help to build strong nations. His two daughters are very studious and this young father, with the corporation of his wife, Michella, are grooming their two children to become law-abiding, productive citizens. “I believe parenting begins from conception, and that’s the way I approach it with Tatyana and Sara”, Shameer said, pointing out the contributions which his wife makes. “Michella and I have always been attentive and engaging with the girls, and this has created a relationship where they feel secure in discussing anything with us.” But it is not always smooth sailing, as this dedicated father pointed out. “Our main challenge at present, is seeing our family safely through this COVID-19 pandemic.” Tatyana and Sara are both aware and grateful for the role their father plays in their lives; “My father has facets of his influence and involvement in every area of our lives”, they pointed out. Already there are plans in place for the on-going higher education of Tatyana and Sara, according to Shameer Ali.
To the four featured Fathers and all the other good Fathers in Guyana and in the Diaspora, we say, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. 
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