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APNU+AFC has no reasonable basis on which it could claim to have won – Dominic Gaskin


Dominic Gaskin

AFC Executive and former Minister of Business in the APNU+AFC government, Dominic Gaskin tonight said that there was no reasonable basis on which the governing coalition can  claim to have won more votes than the PPP/C in the March 2nd elections and he said claims of fraud have been “grossly exaggerated”.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Gaskin, who is the son-in-law of President David Granger, also charged that APNU+AFC has no intention of relinquishing control of government.        Continue reading

Father’s Day 2020- Guyanese FATHERS in Shining Armour – by Francis Quamina Farrier

FATHER’S DAY is such a special day each year. It is the day when Societies around the World focus on the good and dedicated fathers. It is, and must be, void of any negative utterances about Fathers, since there are over 360 other days in the year for that. No MALE BASHING on FATHER’S DAY.  For tomorrow June 21- FATHER’S DAY 2020, we feature the following four Guyanese Fathers.

Stanley Ming M.S.            

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Guyana Politics: Pres. Granger, Volda Lawrence “clear out” public offices

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