Thought for Today: A Recipe for Murder – By Rosaliene Bacchus

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The glorification of one race and the consequent debasement of another—or others—always has been and always will be a recipe for murder. There is no way around this. If one is permitted to treat any group of people with special disfavor because of their race or the color of their skin, there is no limit to what one will force them to endure, and, since the entire race has been mysteriously indicted, no reason not to attempt to destroy it root and branch.

James Baldwin in The Fire Next Time, published by Vintage Books Edition, New York, USA, 1993 (pp 82-83). Originally published by The Dial Press, New York, USA, 1963.             


VIDEO added by Guyanese Online

Excellent James Baldwin speech in Berkeley (1979)

Original video from CSPAN. All rights and love to CSPAN for first broadcasting this. January 15th, 1979, Berkeley, California, United States. Original link here:… ONE OF MY FAVORITE BALDWIN SPEECHES EVER. In this 1979 speech, James Baldwin talked about being a black writer, about the civil rights movement, and other topics.

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