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ELECTIONS: Unofficial Results: 33 seats for PPP/C; 31 for APNU+AFC; one for LJP:ANUG:TNM


The total number of valid votes cast was 460,352 which would give a quotient of 7,082 votes for each seat in the 65-seat legislature. The total number of voters was 464,565 which means that 4,213 votes were classified as spoilt for various reasons.      Continue reading

The Moral Authority Of Lockdown Fetishists Is Gone. Thank The Protesters and Rioters – By Ryan McMaken

– By Ryan McMaken

“…Where are the nurses denouncing these protests as a “slap in the face”? Where are the social media COVID warriors telling us that standing next to a person without a mask is tantamount to homicide? They’re very hard to find, Nowadays…Lockdowns for Thee, but Not for Me – But now the current spate of protests and riots have made it clear that lockdowns and social distancing are all very optional so long as the protesters are favored by a left-wing narrative”

SM: ...It is my great hope that all the goose-stepping, snitch line, CO-vigilantes – would do us all a big favor & stay home….forever…     Continue reading

Guyana: DIS TIME NA LONG TIME – by Dave Martins + Music Video

My wife Annette is very big on Guyana. Soon after I met her, some 10 years ago, showing pictures of the Guyana interior at a THAG function in Georgetown where I was appearing, that came across loud and clear to me. Indeed, when a relationship between us started and marriage was in the air, she let me know, quietly but firmly, that she wasn’t living anywhere else but here which was a factor in my returning to Guyana permanently. That’s the background.

On October 28, 2018, some 11 years later, on a Sunday visit to Canal Number One (West Bank, Demerara). I was standing by the Boeraserie waterway, and before I knew what was happening Annette whips out her cell phone and starts interviewing me about my memories from that area. In case you haven’t seen the video on Facebook, she asked me if I had any memories of that Water Conservancy, and I related a particular incident which happened when I was living in Vreed-en-Hoop.

Continue reading

Video: Guyana: COAST LAND Sea Walls Failing – A REEL Guyana Documentary

Video: Guyana: COAST LAND – A REEL Guyana Documentary

Coast Land is a Guyanese documentary that speaks to the vulnerability of the country’s coastal region which is the home to the majority of the population. It examines the effects of rising sea levels and cyclical erosion which results in massive overtopping and disruption of livelihoods.

COVID-19: Repatriated Guyanese thrilled to be on GT soil : ” No place like home”

Stranded Guyanese return from Miami

Minister of Health said ministry will remain in contact with returning nationals

After months of being stranded in the USA due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a decision taken by the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) has brought the first group of Guyanese home on Saturday,

The returning nationals told DPI they were thrilled to be back home.           Continue reading

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