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GECOM: Elections Recount: National Recount of Ballots Down to 410 boxes

Recount is at Arthur Chung Conference Centre.

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, June 2, 2020 

The national recount of all ballots from the March 2 polls is winding down.

Tallies from today (June 2), showed that 93 ballot boxes were recounted from the three regions under review.

This has brought the total ballot boxes recounted so far to 1,929 with a remaining 410.

Today 36 ballot boxes were recounted for Region Four, 34 for Region Six and 23 for Region Ten.                Continue reading

Montreal: Racial situations at play similar to those in the U.S.A. – By Yvonne Sam

Black Montreal has been fighting a pandemic that predates Covid 19—It is Racism by the SPVM.

By Yvonne Sam – A Montreal resident

According to Monnica Williams, a clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada, who studies African American mental health says, “Racism is traumatic for people of color.”  “Everything that you have to carry around anyway as a black person, to add onto it having to watch people in your community who’ve done nothing killed at the hands of people in power who will probably suffer few, if any, consequences”. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/24/magazine/racisms-psychological-toll.html.

Our screens and feeds are filled with feeds and images of Black Americans dying or being brutalized. Scores of killings answered with acquittals. Now, as a pandemic rages, Blacks in communities across the country disproportionally devastated by COVID-19 are now forced to bear witness to more deaths at the hand of racist policemen.        Continue reading

COVID-19: 160 Guyanese to return from the U.S this weekend; will be placed in home quarantine

CJIA recently sanitized – CJIA photo

NewsRoom –  On Jun 2, 2020  – By Isanella Patoir

Approximately 160 Guyanese who are stranded will be able to leave the United States of America and return to Guyana this weekend and once tested negative for COVID-19, they will be placed on home quarantine for seven days.

The passengers have to complete PCR COVID-19 test within 48 hours of arrival and once negative, will be allowed to board the flight.

“For the avoidance of doubt, home quarantine means quarantining at their respective homes, not at a government facility. Persons will be required to remain at their homes for 7 days and not leave for any reason whatsoever other than to seek emergency medical attention,” said Imran Khan, the Secretary of the COVID-19 Task Force Tuesday.            Continue reading

Over 60 Guyanese died from COVID-19 in the U.S.A.

Newsroom.gy – 22 May 2020

More than 60 Guyanese in the United States have lost their lives to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

This was evident from tributes posted on the Facebook page of the Guyanese Consulate in New York.

The Consulate General of Guyana in New York, Barbara Atherly, has created an online memorial platform on Facebook –Honoring Guyanese Lost to Coronavirus –where persons have been posting photos and memories of their loved ones who died from COVID-19 complications.

“The purpose of this page is to honor Guyanese who have died of COVID-19 so that family, friends and the larger Guyanese Community may pay their respects in this time of social distancing,” Atherly said in a letter posted to the page.


Continue reading

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