Demand for Caribbean Economic Citizenship Increases as Coronavirus Spreads

— LONDON, England, Thursday March 5, 2020 – CS Global Partners, a London-headquartered government marketing agency specializing in investor immigration, says demand for Citizenship by Investment (CBI) has increased in light of the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

And Director Paul Singh says Caribbean islands with CBI programmes are proving to be attractive as demand for citizenship of safer countries grows.

“We work with three Caribbean governments – Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis and St Lucia – promoting their CBI programmes worldwide and assist authorized agents with any enquiries their clients may have regarding obtaining economic citizenship of any of these three countries.  ( Note: Grenada also has a CBI Program)             

“There has been a significant increase in demand for information on how to obtain second citizenship from the Caribbean specifically, which are known for their experience, faster processing that takes between two to four months, and no residence requirement although this is compensated by tougher due diligence checks,” he said, noting that the outbreak has prompted citizens of affected jurisdictions to look for a plan B.

“Our office in China in particular is reporting that one of the main reasons Chinese applicants are seeking to obtain citizenship by investment now more than ever before is to get their families to safety and security fast.”

Noting that entry into countries escalating their border control restrictions depends on where the person has travelled from and does not appear to be based on one’s nationality, Singh said: “Fortunately, we have not heard of any nationality-based prejudice at border controls, but those travelling from affected areas may be denied entry in certain countries. Some of them resort to self-quarantining for 14 days in a connecting country before entering the more restrictive jurisdictions.”

The virus is now spreading more rapidly outside China, where it was first detected in December 2019.

With thousands of cases now being reported globally, the disease is rapidly approaching pandemic status and the World Health Organization has declared it a global health emergency.

As of yesterday, COVID-19 cases were confirmed in more than 70 countries outside China. So far, more than 94,000 people have contracted the virus and at least 3,278 have died.

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