Guyana Elections 2020: Voters will soon be able to find polling stations online


Voters will soon be able to find their polling stations online as the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has approved the list of 2,352 locations for publication.

Speaking with reporters following yesterday’s statutory meeting, Commissioner Sase Gunraj explained that an updated version of the search tool currently available on GECOM’s website ( will include place of poll along with other aspects of the registration record.

Currently prospective voters can examine the Official List of Electors (OLE) to ensure that they are listed and verify their listed address.

Gunraj noted that with 20 days remaining before polling day the commission had extensive discussions on all matters concerning preparations including discussions on the enveloping of the disciplined services ballots – they vote on February 21st – and updates on the operations of observer missions both local and overseas.

He stated that the 10,226 ballots for use by disciplined service ranks were being enveloped and that the 83 non-resident ballots had on Monday been dispatched to Guyanese missions around the world.

The Commissioner further indicated that the list of disciplined services voters has been extracted and has, he believes, been shared with various stakeholders including all political parties since a request for same had been made.

Additionally the Commission has been partly briefed on the security arrangements which are being put in place to ensure a smooth process.

The question of security arrangements has become of increasing concern following a call by APNU+AFC candidate and Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence for supporters to congregate at polling places “to protect their ballots”

Various stakeholders including the Private Sector Commission and the main opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) have condemned Lawrence’s statement and reminded that such congregations have a propensity to become violent. The unrest in Sophia following the 2015 polls was cited as an example of such a situation deteriorating in a manner that no political party can control.
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