BANKS DIH Ltd Shareholders Meetings – January 2020

– by Francis Quamina Farrier

Following the principal BANKS DIH Ltd. Annual Shareholders Meeting at Thirst Park in Georgetown on Saturday, January 25, Company Chairman Clifford Reis and Directors, travelled to Airy Hall on the Essequibo Coast last Sunday, for the first of four Annual Shareholders Branch Meetings. On Wednesday January 29, the Chairman and Directors then travelled to Bartica, some 55 miles further south, up the Essequibo river from Airy Hall, for the second annual BANKS DIH Shareholders Branch meeting of 2020. 

Having covered these BANKS DIH Branch meetings for many years, I have come to realize that these Branch Meetings are special. They seem a lot like annual Family Reunions when Shareholders get the opportunity to interact with each other and hear directly from the BANKS DIH Company Chairman, Clifford Reis, about the company’s performance during the previous financial year. They are also given the opportunity to pose questions directly to the Chairman and later interact with him and other Directors one-on-one.

Shareholders also receive a gift; an umbrella, a torch light, a bag and such like. In the Family atmosphere, some years ago, one of the shareholders recommended that the gift for the following year should be a Rolex wrist watch which brought some amusement to the gathering. Sometimes  the Chairman relates that incident when injecting some lighter moments into the meetings. BANKS DIH is regarded as a most generous Guyanese Company which makes donations to worthy causes in the disciplines of Sports, and others including Education. One of the traditions at the company’s Annual Shareholder’s Meetings, is to give a cheque of a substantive amount to two schools which have applied, to finance a specific project which was previously identified.

In his report this year, Chairman Reis had good news for the Shareholders who hail from the Essequibo Coast and Islands, and also Bartica. Their company had, once again increased its After Tax Profits due to increased sales of its products, resulting in the Shareholders receiving larger cheques for their wise investment. Before leaving Airy Hall, on the Essequibo Coast, I spoke with one of the Shareholders from that Region. “I am very pleased with the report by the Chairman”. Walter Elliot of the Henrietta Housing Scheme, told me. He and his wife Desiree of 53 years, have been BANKS DIH Shareholders since 1967, and expressed joy at the strides which their company continues to make.

Arriving at Bartica for the second Shareholders Branch Meeting, the Chairman and Team were welcomed by Shareholders from Bartica and neighbouring communities in that rivering community of the Essequibo, Mazaruni and Cuyuni rivers. It was another year for them to gather, listen to the Chairman’s Report, ask questions and later interact with each other. Once again I took the opportunity to solicit the thoughts of one of the oldest Shareholders, of that Region. Takur Persaud of TAKUR PERSAUD and SONS GENERAL STORE, Fourth Avenue, Bartica, has been operating his business for forty years and has been a Shareholder and Dealer of BANKS DIH products for almost 25 years. Like other Essequibo Shareholders, 80 year old Takur Persaud, expressed pleasure that his investment in the Company will continue to pay even larger dividends to his children and grandchildren in the coming years.

One of the desires of Chairman Reis regards the expansion of the Company and its Subsidiary, The CITIZENS BANK at Bartica, is to have a plot of land on which to construct a larger and more attractive building than is the present CITIZENS BANK on First Avenue, Bartica. Over the past two Annual Shareholders Meeting at Bartica, Chairman Reis openly asked for a good location on which to construct a new and larger CITIZENS BANK. This year he happily announced that a suitable plot of land was acquired and that construction of the new BARTICA CITIZENS BANK would commence shortly.

Bartica Businessman, 80 year old Takur Persaud of TAKUR PERSAUD and SONS GENERAL STORE, Fourth Avenue, Bartica, is a BANKS DIH Shareholder and Dealer. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

Chinese Nationals, Zhi Bin Xu and his wife Xiu Hua Xu, proprietors of The China Supermarket at Adventure on the Essequibo Coast, are dealers of BANKS DIH products. (Photo by F.Q. Farrier)

Married for 53 years, Walter Elliott and his wife Desiree,
of Henrietta, Essequibo Coast, have been BANKS DIH
Shareholders since 1967. (Photo by F.Q. Farrier)

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  • kamtanblog  On 02/06/2020 at 2:34 am

    Banks DIH was formed as a shareholding
    company in 60’s to avoid PRESIDENTE
    LFSB nationalising Bank Breweries.
    Those who purchased share have
    certainly benefited over the past decades.
    How much is a Banks DIH share today ?
    Can the poor afford them.?

    Is Guyana now a capitalist, socialist or communist state…? Or is it a dictatorship.?

    In my opinion
    Guyana’s future is legislation to encourage
    private public parthnerships in which it’s
    citizens can become shareholders.

    In UK today we have a political situation of

    Conservatives “cut and save”
    Labour “borrow and spend”

    One privatises
    Other nationalises

    In both scenarios taxpayers usually end up
    paying for both decisions.

    Am sure others may have different opinions
    but with elections arround corner it may
    be good time to open up debate.

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