Guyana: Immigration, gun licence, vehicle fitness, should be outsourced – President Granger proposes

— January 31, 2020 – Kaieteur News

The Coalition Government is contemplating outsourcing a number of key services being offered by the police.

President David Granger addresses police officers

These include non-core functions including immigration, certification of vehicular fitness and issuance of gun licenses.

“These non-core functions must be outsourced so as ensure that more trained ranks are deployed to crime-fighting duties,” President David Granger said yesterday – January 30, 2020.         

The President was addressing senior officials and officers of the Guyana Police Force at the Annual Police Officers’ conference, held at State House.
The event is being convened with elections just a little less than five weeks away.

Currently, Immigration has been placed under the Department of Citizenship with the police force handling vehicle fitness and applications for gun licences.

In many countries, drivers’ licences applications are handled by special entities.

According to President Granger, it is clear that the force’s personnel strength of about 4,600 is inadequate but it is the plan to raise the complement during the ‘Decade of Development’.

“Our country’s 215,000km² makes it larger in extent than England and Scotland combined and with 3,000 km of borders and 460 km of sea coast, the Force is challenged to enforce the law effectively everywhere.

“The Force has begun to overcome these constraints,” he added.

According to Granger, the Force’s personnel have increased by 37.6 percent from 3,610 in 2014 to 4, 956 at December 2019. It is now being supported by a 1,990 member Constabulary.

“Policemen and policewomen are now enjoying improved wages and salaries. The average pay of a constable has increased from $55,889 in 2014 to $88,237 in 2019. The force must be brought to strength.”

Granger called for the Force to groom a more versatile officer corps.

“The police officer of the future must be equipped with a wide range of skills and competencies. He or she must be able to operate in different environments and be capable of working and living on the coastland or in the hinterland. “

He said that vigorous efforts are being made to improve relations between the Force and communities.

“The Citizen Security Strengthening Programme funded the establishment of 20 Community Action Councils to assist with crime-fighting, including supporting the training of community members to better address domestic violence and to promote good parenting practices and neighbourhood watch schemes.
Team Policing was introduced in 2017, to improve police-community relations.”
Granger also stressed that the reconstitution of the Police Service Commission, in August 2018, has disabused officers of fears about the personalisation or politicisation of appointments.
“It engenders greater confidence that appointments will be based on merit and that dismissals and disciplinary action will be just. These expectations will boost personnel morale.”
The re-appointment of the Police Complaints Authority was also noted.
“The investment made in reorganising, restructuring and recapitalising the Force has paid dividends.”

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  • Curtis  On 02/01/2020 at 12:54 am

    President Granger must be joking. Corruption is rampant in Guyana at this juncture and he thinks that outsourcing these areas of business is a good decision??? Until law and order is reinstated and everyone knows that criminal behaviour will be severely punished, outsourcing will not be a viable alternative. These particular areas of business is ripe for bribery and corruption.

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