Guyana: Gold Mining: Troy Resources restarts operations

Troy Resources Guyana Inc. yesterday announced that as planned, following a successful fund-raising required to restart, operations at the Karouni Gold Mine were resumed during the second week of January.

Troy has restarted its gold mining operations

“The company complied with all the requirements and received the requisite approvals for the resumption of activities from the various government agencies enabling it to restart operations,” the statement explained.     

The restart, which is being done in phases, began progressively, initially with the employment of personnel involved in mining activities and later ongoing with personnel involved in processing activities.

“Processing restarted a few days ago and work is moving apace to have the processing plant operate on a full time (24 hour) basis. All operations, including people and processes involved in the restart, are expected to be regularized and normalized by mid-February.”

Troy thanked all of its employees, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders “for their patience and support during one of the most challenging periods in the company’s history”.

The company closed operations in its Cuyuni, Region 7 area, last year, after a deadly pit cave-in.
Scores of workers were sent home.

Troy, owned by Australians, is one of the two large-scale gold mining operations in Guyana.

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