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Guyana: Employment: Where are the people for the jobs? – By Adam Harris

Not so long ago there was talk about the young people not finding jobs; that there were no jobs. Indeed, many young people left school and could not find a job consistent with the skills they developed.

Those who did not do too well academically had parents who did not want them to stay at home, so these parents found places in technical institutes, and in schools like the Carnegie School of Home Economics.

Others sent their children to work with some friend or relative who were masons, carpenters and contractors. Many young employees entered as labourers and graduated as they learned the trade. But for the greater part there were so many who simply did not seem inclined to take a job. This may sound harsh, but it is true.          Continue reading

Guyana: The Berbice River shall remain blocked until Russian eye-pass by RUSAL ceases – Lincoln Lewis

Article on RUSAL – The Bauxite Company of Guyana (BCGI) – website https://rusal.ru/en/about/11/

Guyana: Gold Mining: Troy Resources restarts operations

Troy Resources Guyana Inc. yesterday announced that as planned, following a successful fund-raising required to restart, operations at the Karouni Gold Mine were resumed during the second week of January.

Troy has restarted its gold mining operations

“The company complied with all the requirements and received the requisite approvals for the resumption of activities from the various government agencies enabling it to restart operations,” the statement explained.      Continue reading

‘Tradwives’: the new trend – housewife with a social media spin – commentary

A certain kind of housewife has found social media and is airing the details of their fight with feminism. But maybe they should tone it down a notch

Who knew being traditional was so modern?

 Who knew being traditional was so modern? /Getty Images

Hadley Freeman @HadleyFreemanMon 27 Jan 2020 – The Guardian UK

What exciting trends are happening in the matrimonial sector?
Kara, by email

A thrilling new trend has emerged, and it’s as seismic as the New Look was in 40s fashion, or the emergence of Mediterranean cooking in 90s Britain: it’s called being a housewife.

Now you might think: “Ummm, that doesn’t sound THAT new to me.” But all fashion trends are rehashes, and “tradwife”, as this one is dubbed, is housewife with a social media spin. It’s like bringing back 90s style, but swapping that brown eyeliner for contouring makeup. It’s just so much more zeitgeist, you see?          Continue reading

FILM: Vaxxed: from Cover-Up to Catastrophe – Vaccination and autism

Diaspora documentary – Vaxxed 2  – By Geoff Burrowes 

Me heart nearly buss out me ches wit pride and joy las night!

A truly controversial documentary was premiered in Toronto last night – 26 January 2020 – to a lively crowd of 100 or so and continues to show at the Kingsway Cinema on Bloor Street Toronto nightly. The director, Brian Burrowes was born in Georgetown, Guyana and lived and was educated there until his parents rudely uprooted him and moved him to Canada in 1975! He was six years old at the time and to all intents and purposes thinks of himself as a Canadian! He is however proud of his Guyanese heritage!

Why is his film controversial? Because it exposes the greed and callousness of the big pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment and guess how they like that? The music was composed and recorded by his equally talented young brother Ian who has been a musician in Austin for many years!

  The story behind the movie is as fascinating as the movie itself!     Continue reading

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