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The St. Stanislaus College Alumni Assoc. Toronto – Annual Spring Dance – April 18, 2020 – CANCELLED

Dear Friends of Saints,

Because of the increasing rise of the Novel Coronavirus in Canada and World Wide, The President and Executive members of the St Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto decided at the Committee meeting last night to cancel the upcoming Saints Spring Dance scheduled for 18th April 2020 at the West Rouge Community Centre.

We deeply regret having to take this action but the committee feels it is in the best interest of our patrons’ safety and well-being as well as our own and that we will all be over this dreadful scourge within a short period.

We wish to share this communication with you as one of our special patrons to our fund-raising events for which we are ever thankful.

The Entertainment Committee, on behalf of the Executive committee is looking forward to your continuing support to our upcoming events in the near future.

The St Stanislaus College Alumni Association and the St Stanislaus College (Guyana) Alumni Society sole objectives are to provide necessary assistance to ensure the very best education to the youth of Guyana who is fortunate be educated at St Stanislaus College.


Arthur Veerasammy

Asst. Secretary

Tel: 416-431-1171 Cell: 647-668-8337

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China is imposing tough measures to contain the Wuhan coronavirus – The Economist

A city in lockdown  —–  Almost all Chinese provinces now have confirmed cases

Editor’s note (January 27th): Some numbers in this article have been updated since publication.

IT IS THE third day of the Chinese new year, a time when families would normally still be celebrating. But Zhang Fang (not her real name) is keeping herself isolated in her bedroom. She probably has a mild infection typical of the season, but is not taking risks. Ms Zhang, a marketing manager in her 20s, lives with her husband and her in-laws in a central district of Wuhan, the Chinese city first affected by a newly identified coronavirus that has been causing global alarm.

Wuhan, a city of 11m people, has been in lockdown since January 23rd.        Continue reading

ExxonMobil ups Guyana recoverable resources to more than 8 billion barrels, makes discovery at Uaru

Oil discoveries, including dry holes and the latest, Uaru.

IRVING, Texas – ExxonMobil has increased its estimated recoverable resource base in Guyana to more than 8 billion oil-equivalent barrels and made a further oil discovery northeast of the producing Liza field at the Uaru exploration well, the 16th discovery on the Stabroek Block.

The new recoverable resource estimate includes 15 discoveries offshore Guyana through year-end 2019. The Uaru discovery is the first of 2020 and will be added to the resource estimate at a later date.          Continue reading

Doomsday Clock: A Hundred Seconds to Midnight – by Rosaliene Bacchus

A Hundred Seconds to Midnight

– by Rosaliene Bacchus

On Thursday, January  23, 2020, our atomic scientists advanced the Doomsday Clock another twenty seconds, bringing the fate of humanity to a hundred seconds to midnight. For those who don’t know, midnight signifies humanity’s self-annihilation with its nuclear arsenal. The guns that Americans cling to, like a toddler clings to his teddy bear, would be rendered useless in the face of a nuclear threat. To learn more, read the full statement issued by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

In his article “Twin Threats,” published in The Nation magazine (issue dated 01/27/2020), Michael T. Klare argues:

All things being equal, rising temperatures will increase the likelihood of nuclear war, largely because climate change will heighten the risk of social stress, the decay of nation-states, and armed violence in general…”

Read More: A Hundred Seconds to Midnight by Rosaliene Bacchus

Medical: Over 70% of 12- to 14-year-olds in China are short-sighted – The Economist

Experts say they should get out more

China –Jan 18th 2020 edition –  The ECONOMIST

The phone on Wang Xiaoying’s desk rings incessantly on a weekday morning. An optometrist in Shanghai, Ms Wang doubles as a part-time operator for China’s first publicly funded call centre providing information about myopia. It began operating on January 7th. Most callers are parents who worry about the deteriorating eyesight of their young offspring. “Make sure your child spends two hours outdoors each day!” Ms Wang often urges them. Another tip she offers is to avoid reading when supine. Trying to focus on an object held up by an unsteady arm is likely to strain the eyes, some experts believe.

The government reckons that more than 450m people in China, or at least one in three, are short-sighted (meaning that distant objects appear blurry). Globally just over one in five are.          Continue reading

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