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Guyana: Private hospitals rake in millions for unnecessary tests

For a number of years now, there have been rising numbers of complaints of the operations of doctors, private clinics and hospitals.

A number of private hospitals are running rackets where patients are being sent for unnecessary tests, several sources have confirmed.

From accusations of wrong injections to malpractice, there has been little evidence that harsh sanctions have been meted out to punish doctors who would have gone rogue.      Continue reading

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s Compulsive Claims of ‘BIGGEST’ Ever – By Calvin Woodward and Hope Yen | AP News

By Calvin Woodward and Hope Yen | AP News

WASHINGTON (AP) — Size matters to President Donald Trump. So much that he exaggerates continually, sometimes spectacularly, the size of what he does.

Just as his tax cuts are far from the biggest in history, the economy isn’t the best ever and his election victory in 2016 was no landslide of historic proportions, Trump’s two trade deals don’t stand atop the field of presidential endeavors.

ONE is a partial settlement of trade grievances with China; THE OTHER is a refresh of what past presidents created for North America.

The opening of the Senate impeachment trial stirred other fabrications from the president while Democratic presidential contenders engaged in their final debate before the first votes of the 2020 campaign, in Iowa.

A sampling from a week in political rhetoric:                      Continue reading

EGovernment, A Step Towards A More Citizen-Centred Caribbean | By David Jessop

By David Jessop :Sunday | January 19, 2020 | Jamaica Gleaner


Politicians love to promise a better and brighter future. They tend to say little about the day to day experience their citizens have of the services they provide.

In the Caribbean as in other parts of the world what most individuals want from government is the rapid and efficient delivery of everyday resources, if policies and regulations are to mean anything at all.

This applies equally to social services, whether in relation to schools, hospitals or pensions, the supply of utilities, or to matters as normal as renewing a driver’s licence or registering a birth or death. Citizens everywhere want such basic transactions to be straightforward, quick and predictable. They hope their fellow citizens who work for them in the public sector have the ability and tools to deliver what has been promised in modern and efficient way.            Continue reading

Is Toronto’s Housing Market Too Big To Fail? – By Natalka Falcomer | REM + Video

By Natalka Falcomer | REM – Real Estate Magazine

Stories about Toronto’s booming real estate market dominated the headlines of 2019.

Here is hoping that stories about investing in Toronto’s infrastructure dominate the headlines of 2020.

If not, we may end up in the unenviable position of New York City where crumbling infrastructure has led to an increase in taxes, which has led to a flight of jobs, followed by a flight of talent and followed by both a real estate market decline and higher rent rates.

The Greater Toronto Area came second to Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington as the metropolitan area with North America’s fastest-growing populations.              Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Shuman bounced from elections by GECOM over dual citizenship

Dr. Vishnu Bandhu of the United Republican Party and Dr. Valerie Leung also rejected for dual citizenship.

Lenox Shuman
Lenox Shuman

GECOM today ruled that the leader of the Liberty and Justice Party (LJP), Lenox Shuman be removed from the list of candidates submitted by his party as he was a dual citizen at the time.

The ruling ends Shuman’s role in the election campaign as he was the presidential candidate for his party.  It would also likely put paid to any chance the LJP – largely focused on the indigenous population – had of gathering support at the elections.              Continue reading

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