— By Yvonne Sam

Too grown, Too young, on such behavior society must frown

It is an admirable situation when mothers idolize their daughters, and dedicate time helping them develop their femininity.  Learning at a young age how to enjoy a nice pedicure and manicure assists in establishing the standard for self-care. However the trend of grave concern is that mothers are trying to make bosom buddies/ pals of their daughters, and in the process of so doing expose them to adult presentation. If you go into stores now to purchase a pair of shorts for a girl you may be hard pressed to find them at a decent length for a little girl.   Currently, the clothes for girls are permitting them to feel very comfortable with being scantily clad.       

Seemingly, little girls are always in a rush to be teenagers, or adult women.  However, there is a process to life and expediting this for a young child is not wise.  Healthy girls who are barely tweens, and who become overly obsessed with their weave, false eyelashes, halter tops, designer bags and cut offs, long false nails and detailed make-up are being allowed to stand on par  with their mothers, and regrettably the message that is being sent is “ what is on them is more valuable than what is in them”.

When this happens mothers often face the resistance and opposition of their daughters at a younger age. She feels that she is woman enough to put her mother in line, and that her mother is her friend. This picture sets young girls up to get the impression that it is okay to behave as an adult, and if not careful this behavior and this can extend to their interactions with boys if not careful. Individuality, modesty, respect for where one is in life, and the ability to respect authority is on the table when young girls are not expected to be young girls.

During our growing –up years many of us were not allowed to entertain adult conversations, and some of us could not put on make-up until almost at the end of our teenage years, disrespecting adults  was never allowed , and we actually did things that children do. We were expected to behave like children until it was time to be teenagers, and teenagers until it was time to be adults.

We earned the right to sit at the adult table on special occasions, and it was really a big deal and a special treat.  This is missing for our kids. Granted, we can lay some of the blame at the feet of social media and technology, but above all we must make the innocence of our children our

priority. Life is a foundational building block. Hence, forcing our young girls to look and behave as adults without laying a proper foundation for their dignity, and self-respect is dangerous at best.

Young girls should be able to wear whatever they want and be unharmed.. Likewise, grown women should be able to wear whatever they want and be unharmed. Both statements are equally true, and in an ideal world it would be reality, however unfortunately our society does not function in that way. We must teach our daughters to be beautiful, comfortable and trendy while still dressing in a manner whereby they are appropriately covered for their age. No, clothes would not stop a child from being hurt if a monster is lurking, but it would certainly preserve the child’s dignity.  There is an entire generation of young girls that need to slow down, and simply be kids. They are not our equals, and adults should not put them in the position to fail in that arena.  We must protect our daughters, and an essential part of that is making sure that they learn the lessons we need to teach them at every level of development.

Too grown-Too young does not serve the best interest of the daughters of our community.

Aleuta— The struggle continues.

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