Guyana Infrastructure: 28 traffic lights still inoperable due to stolen batteries

The vandalized traffic lights

Since then, the vandalized traffic lights are unable to function causing much concern to commuters. All the traffic lights are solar-powered.

According to the Ministry, the batteries cost over G$2M to replace. Not only did the thieves remove the solar powered batteries, they also removed the backups as well. 

Minister David Patterson, speaking at recent press briefing, explained that while the necessary information and evidence has been handed over to the police, nothing of substance has come out of the investigations.

The Ministry, he stated, is opened to suggestions as what could be done to prevent this occurring in future as such vandalism is costing the country.
“It is highly irresponsible, not only for the persons that are stealing the batteries but also the persons who are buying the batteries. They are equally or more culpable for encouraging such acts. ”

According to Minister Patterson, due to the missing batteries, the stop lights are malfunctioning. He explained that the lights are solar powered, using solar energy during daylight and storing the excess power for use at night.

However, since the lights are without a battery, they are unable to function at nights and return to their default setting of one or more flashing lights.

Patterson stressed that the public needs to play its part in dealing with such criminal acts since the police cannot handle the job alone.

“The Public Security Ministry may have other issues to look at that may be of more importance…that may be why we have such a low prosecution numbers.”

The Minister highlighted that they will continue with their campaigns to sensitize the public. He also pointed out that persons can post pictures and make reports of vandalism on the ministry’s Facebook page.

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  • francis jackson  On 01/16/2020 at 3:40 am

    so sad, stealing lights and vandalism

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