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VIDEO: Toronto and Montreal Compared

VIDEO: Toronto and Montreal Compared

Guyana Elections: “I will not sell my integrity for all the oil in Guyana” – GECOM Chair

– GECOM Chair vows to deliver credible elections

Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), retired Justice retired Claudette Singh, is reassuring the populace that the Commission has not compromised its position to deliver free and fair elections.

Chairman of GECOM, retired Justice Claudette Singh

Speaking to reporters at yesterday‘s Nomination Day activity which was held at the Umana Yana in Kingston, the Chairman sought to dispel any rumour of attempts to discredit the elections’ process.

Justice Singh noted the negative comments in the press but reassured that the Commission has been working overtime to ensure that the Elections are credible.
“I am confident that the GECOM will be able to deliver free and fair elections the only one way I know and that is the correct way.            Continue reading

GIHR Online Newsletter – January 2020 + GIHR Call for Papers and Abstracts

Read: GIHR Online Newsletter – January 2020

Read: GIHR Call for Papers and Abstracts for 13th Research Conference -By June 15. 2020

Guyana Infrastructure: 28 traffic lights still inoperable due to stolen batteries

The vandalized traffic lights

Since then, the vandalized traffic lights are unable to function causing much concern to commuters. All the traffic lights are solar-powered.

According to the Ministry, the batteries cost over G$2M to replace. Not only did the thieves remove the solar powered batteries, they also removed the backups as well.  Continue reading

Boeing’s Tough Challenges as Civilian Aircraft Maker – Marshall Auerback | Asia Times

— Marshall Auerback | Asia Times

The dismissal of Dennis Muilenburg as chief executive of Boeing might have looked like an early Christmas present to the employees and shareholders of Boeing, but the company’s disease has gone way past the point where any single corporate surgeon can save the patient. For those who bothered to look – and this evidently did not include the US Federal Aviation Administration – Boeing’s increasing degeneration has been evident for decades, even as the stock price continued to rise, as a consequence of quirky accounting practices that masked the company’s deteriorating cash flow position.

If the 737 Max 8 is killed off for good, it will create a huge existential risk for Boeing’s future as a viable civilian aviation manufacturer, as the company had projected revenues from its 737-related sales into its business plans for many years to come – it goes without saying that the Pentagon will keep the company afloat, with Boeing effectively operating as a military subdivision of the Department of Defense.          Continue reading

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