Guyana Politics: Nominations Day… APNU-AFC and PPP present Lists of Candidates

APNU+AFC list excludes Holder; PPP includes Datadin, Vieira and Indar


They are Joseph Harmon, Raphael Trotman, Khemraj Ramjattan, Annette Ferguson, Volda Lawrence, Dawn Hastings-Williams, Sydney Allicock, David Patterson, Cathy Hughes, Tabitha Sarabo-Halley, Simona Broomes, Ronald Bulkan, George Norton, Haimraj Rajkumar, and Valerie Garrido-Lowe.
Some additions were Amanza Walton-Desir, David Hinds, Roysdale Forde, Quincy Jones, Ryan Belgrave, Gary Best, and Darren Wade, Sheik Mahmood and Geeta Chandan-Edmonds and Savitree Singh Sharma.
Noel Holder, notably, was not on the coalition’s list of candidates.           

After declaring the APNU+AFC’s list, President Granger said that he was satisfied that the list has met the requirements for the National Top-Up List (for Ministerial and Parliamentary candidates) as well as the Regional Lists (for Local Democratic Organs).

He asserted that all six parties of the coalition teamed up to produce a list that is diverse and representative of the entire country, in terms of age, gender, geographical location, and occupation.

He said that his party has a strong, proven record, and that its list will prove itself to be the best there is.
Granger’s plan for the country – the Decade of Development – is being touted as one that will continue the work the coalition has done over the past five years.

The list of APNU Candidates – Click to Enlarge list of names

I am confident that these are the winning lists. The APNU+AFC has nominated candidates who enjoy the confidence of our members and supporters. Our candidates, members and supporters are mobilized. Our campaign is progressing. We are guaranteed of the overwhelming support of Guyanese, based on our record over the past five years.

He noted the party has designed a Plan for the country – the ‘Decade of Development.’ The APNU+AFC restored good governance over the past five years and has a plan to continue its good work over the next five.

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) List

PPP Presidential candidate Irfaan Ali, Prime Ministerial Candidate Mark Phillips, and General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo, led the party’s contingent, that comprised Anil Nandlall, Nigel Dharamlall, Priya Manickchand, Pauline Sukhai, Clement Rohee and Samuel Hinds.

The PPP list of candidates included a number of fresh faces, among them Attorney at law Sanjeev Datadin, businessman and former People National Congress member of parliament, Anthony Vieira and former Vice president, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry, (GCCI), Chairman Deodat Indar.

Noticeably absent from list are the names of prominent PPP members Dr. Leslie Ramsammy and Robert Persaud.

Some of the candidates on the PPP List – Click here to enlarge photos 

The PPP in statement noted that Prime Ministerial candidate, Brig. Mark Phillips, and “our list of several hundred competent and patriotic candidates and the leadership of the PPP’s General Secretary Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo,” are part of a plan for the next five years to restore and transform our nation and the quality of life of all of its people, will succeed.

“The PPP/C has a proven track record. The PPP/C built a strong and stable economy without the benefit of oil and gas. We are a Party of transformative policies and plans, and we keep our promises.

“These elections offer each of us a chance to choose the kind of life we and our children will have and the kind of country in which we will live. The choice is clear. Only the PPP/C can rescue and transform Guyana.”

The party said that the plans for Guyana are comprehensive. It has measures that will remove the “200 draconian taxes and fees; create 50,000 new jobs thereby enhancing the well-being of all Guyanese and create new measures that will stimulate the economy and encourage new investments.

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  • guyaneseonline  On January 11, 2020 at 5:25 pm

    PPP/C National Top-Up List for March 2nd elections
    By Stabroek News – January 11, 2020

    Representative of the List: Bharrat Jagdeo
    1. David Adams
    2. Dwayne Adams
    3. Vanie Elenie Albert
    4. Mitradevi Ali
    5. Mohamed Irfaan Ali
    6. Elizabeth Alleyne
    7. Bryan Allicock
    8. Hydar Ally
    9. Vishal Ambedekar
    10. Frank Anthony
    11. Permaul Armogan
    12. Brentnol Ashley
    13. Roodi Balgobin
    14. Gloria Patricia Beharry
    15. Shellon Alicia Belgrave
    16. Stephen Adolphus Belle
    17. Ivan Augustus Bentham
    18. Vickram Bharrat
    19. Genevieve Blackman
    20. Sarah Brown
    21. Douglas Casimero
    22. Indranie Chandarpal
    23. Alister Charlie
    24. Paul Choeng
    25. Nandranie Coonjah
    26. Collin Croal
    27. Verland Dalrymple
    28. Cornel Damon
    29. Dave Danny
    30. Sanjeev Datadin
    31. Dennis DeRoop
    32. Nigel Dharamlall
    33. Durmilla Dwarka
    34. Juan Edghill
    35. Sixtus Edwards
    36. Shameera Evans
    37. Julius Faerber
    38. Suelle Findlay-Williams
    39. Albert Forsythe
    40. Erica Forte
    41. Yvonne Fredericks-Pearson
    42. Harry Gill
    43. Anna Gouveia
    44. Grayson Orville Halley
    45. Joseph Hamilton
    46. Vanelda Harris
    47. Majeed Hussain
    48. Mohamed Hussain
    49. Zamal Hussain
    50. Deodat Indar
    51. Faizal Jaffarally
    52. Bharrat Jagdeo
    53. Dwight John
    54. Tarcellia John
    55. Gomati Kallicharran
    56. Bibi Khan
    57. Ramkarran Kissoon
    58. Bishram Kuppen
    59. Vishwa Mahadeo
    60. Priya Manickchand
    61. Kwame McCoy
    62. Zulfikar Mustapha
    63. Manzoor Nadir
    64. Mohabir Nandlall
    65. Anjanie Narine
    66. Seepaul Narine
    67. Neendkumar
    68. Steve Ninvalle
    69. Shyam Nokta
    70. Humace Oodit
    71. Savitri Parag
    72. Stanley Paul
    73. Phileena Pereira-Jardine
    74. Anand Persaud
    75. Ganga Persaud
    76. Gillian Persaud
    77. Marcel Persaud
    78. Narindra Persaud
    79. Rabindranath Persaud
    80.Vindhya Persaud
    81. Mark Phillips
    82. Manniram Persaud
    83. Reyuad Rahman
    84. Devanand Ramdatt
    85. Melissa Ramdeen
    86. Vikash Ramkissoon
    87. Bob Ramnauth
    88. Donald Ramotar
    89. Vickchand Ramphal
    90. Bheri Ramsaran
    91. Charles Ramson
    92. Susan Rodrigues
    93. Clement Rohee
    94. Mahendra Roopnarine
    95. Samaroo
    96. Shivani Samlall
    97. Omesh Satynand
    98. Dharamkumar Seeraj
    99. Africo Selman
    100. Tracy Shamsudeen
    101. Vishalya Sharma
    102. Claire Singh
    103. Nalinie Singh
    104. Robin Singh
    105. Suresh Singh
    106. Tandika Smith
    107. Jagnarine Somwar

  • the only  On January 11, 2020 at 6:00 pm


  • Clyde Duncan  On January 16, 2020 at 1:08 am

    I wonder how many will be disqualified after the elections for holding dual-citizenship?

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