Buxton/Friendship Museum Archives & Culture Center – Thank You and Greetings for 2020

Friends of Villages Museum & Archives Inc.

(Supporting the Buxton/Friendship Museum Archives & Culture Center)

P.O. Box 352, Lanham, Maryland USA 20768-0352

Email – friendsofvmainc.gmail.com

501(c) (3) Organization – Tax ID# 82-1835070

 The Museum is located at 35 Edmund Ford Street-Middle Street (Lower Level) in Buxton Village, East Coast Guyana.

Dear Supporters & Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Directors we wish you Happy New Year.

Also, Happy Kwanza on this last day of its celebration. IMANI- Faith, as we reflect and honor our African Ancestors.           

Your encouragement and support financially and with artifacts greatly assisted in opening the doors of the Museum and Archives in August 2018 and in sustaining its activities over the past years.

2019 was a successful year, Thank You.

Please look out for our upcoming web site for information.

Thank You

Keith Easton

President & Founder- BFMACC


Tel: 592-696-4470 Gy/ 240-601-3892 US

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